Mission accomplished!The 64-year-old bridge in Beiguan, Fugou County, was demolished and rebuilt

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Mission Accomplished!A few days ago, the jialu River Bridge in Fugou County, which has attracted much attention, is being demolished. The bridge, which has made indelible contributions to the fugou people for 64 years, has completed its mission and retired from the historical stage.Beiguan sluice bridge in Fugou County is a large sluice bridge with comprehensive functions of flood control and drainage.The sluice bridge was built in 1958. Since it was put into use, it has achieved remarkable benefits in regulating flood discharge, removing waterlogging, water storage, irrigation and industrial and agricultural water supply, and has played an important role in economic construction, social stability and people’s life and property safety along the river basin of the county.For more than 60 years, Beiguanzha Bridge has been dedicated silently, bearing the history and culture of both sides of fugou Jialu River. After long-term natural erosion, it has become a dangerous gate, reducing the capacity of flood drainage and flood control. In recent years, the flood season also shows that the operation of the gate has a great safety risk, and the surrounding people are looking forward to the reconstruction of the gate.At present, the demolition of the old gate, the reconstruction of the new gate is in tense synchronization.During the period of demolition, all the intersections of the river sluice were closed and controlled, the demolition site was orderly, and the safety demolition measures were in place.The old river barrier bridge no longer exists, the new river barrier will soon appear in front of the world, which is fugou people’s hope for happiness and security.”The bridge has been built for more than 60 years. I have witnessed the achievements of the gate bridge. It has not only benefited the people, but also made it convenient for residents on both sides of the Strait to travel.Now to demolish, to be honest, this old building is reluctant to part, because ‘she’ has accompanied us for more than half a century, we are also used to ‘her’.I believe that after the reconstruction of the zha bridge, the benefits to the people will be more, like this year’s flood, I here in the vicinity of every house into the water, the people are also looking forward to the Jialu River governance, to the people to add more well-being.Living in binhe Nan Road, is already an old age gao Jinzhong said.It is understood that the Jialu River comprehensive control project is a landmark project of water control and rejuvenation decided by the provincial party Committee and government after the “7·20” flood disaster in Our province.Among them, the jialu River comprehensive control project fugou County Beiguan gate reconstruction project is scheduled to be completed and open to traffic by the end of May 2023, after the completion of the project, will effectively ensure the flood control safety of fugou urban area and the basin.During the construction, the construction cofferdam on the north side of the North gate will be used as a temporary road, but the road surface can not meet the mass traffic of personnel and vehicles. Please detour consciously during the peak hours of morning, middle and evening.Waving goodbye is for a more beautiful reunion.Beiguanzha bridge although demolished, but “her” great achievements, fugou people will always be remembered in the heart.Miao Haibo song Fuxing Wang Zhiqiang Source: Dahe.com