990 yuan per person per month!Dongsheng district youth novitiate unit application began

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Notice of Employment Service Center of Dongsheng District of Ordos City on youth Employment Probation in 2022To implement the youth employment apprentice work deployment, make employment willingness of underemployed college graduates, and unemployed youth can seize the opportunity of trainee, for a certain period of post training and practical activities, accumulate work experience, improve the professional skills and employment ability, enhance market competitiveness, so as to promote college graduates, and unemployed youth full employment.According to the requirements of the “Notice on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan of The Youth Internship Program of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region” (NEirensocial Development (2019) No. 14), the relevant matters concerning the youth employment internship are hereby notified as follows:(1) Enterprises, public institutions and social organizations lawfully registered in Dongsheng District with a certain scale and good social reputation.(2) The probationary unit should have a strong sense of social responsibility, legal operation, sound system, standardized management, generally can provide more than 10 probationary jobs every year, appoint special person to be responsible for the work guidance of probationary personnel.(3) The internship posts provided by the internship units shall meet the needs of young people to improve their practical ability, have certain knowledge, technology and skill content and business content, and have labor protection measures and labor safety and health conditions in accordance with the provisions of the State.(4) The probationary unit shall have a perfect training and education system for its staff and staff, as well as teachers and professionals who can provide probationary guidance to young people, mainly college graduates, and provide on-the-job training according to actual needs.(5) The probationary unit can provide part of the basic living allowance for the probationary personnel and handle personal accident injury insurance.(1) Examination and Approval Form of Youth Probation Unit (Annex 1);(2) Demand Table of Internship Position in Youth Internship Unit (Annex 2);(3) Agreement on Accreditation of Youth Probation Unit (Appendix 3);(4) A photocopy of the legal person registration certificate, the business license of the enterprise or the registration certificate of the private non-enterprise unit (with the official seal of the unit).(1) Qualified enterprises, public institutions and social organizations can directly apply to dongsheng Employment Service Center.(2) After inspection and evaluation in line with the conditions and requirements of probationary units, signed with the “Youth Probationary Unit Agreement” (Annex 3), jointly with the relevant departments formally awarded and announced to the society, probationary units listing period is generally three years.4. The scope of probationary personnel is college graduates and unemployed youth aged 16-24 who have been out of school for 2 years.Internship period and Subsidy Standard (I) Internship period is generally 3-12 months.(2) Subsidy standard The subsidy standard for probation is 990 yuan per person per month. For units where the retention rate of probation reaches 50% or more, the subsidy standard for the remaining personnel will be raised to 1188 yuan per person per month.(I) Agreement on Youth Probation (Appendix 6);(2) Examination and Appraisal Form for The Completion of The Probation period for Young Novices (Annex 7);(3) Application Form for Basic Living Allowance for Young Trainees (Annex 8);(4) The unit’s account opening license;(5) The trainee’s flower name, photocopy of id card, photocopy of graduation certificate, electronic registration record form of education certificate, wage sheet, photocopy of personal accident insurance policy, relevant proof materials of retention upon expiration, etc.(6) trainee unit with trainee staff sign the young apprentice agreement within 30 days, must be logged in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region human resources social security online registration service hall http://nmgrs.12333k.cn:8083/comcalogin/#/comcalogin to apply for employment.The internship subsidy shall be paid to the basic bank account of the company after it is approved by relevant departments.(1) The Employment Service Center of Dongsheng District will inspect, supervise and evaluate the probationary units on a regular basis, and point out the existing problems of the units that fail to meet the requirements of the probationary units after the evaluation, and ask them to rectify within a time limit. If the units fail to meet the requirements after two consecutive evaluations, their probationary unit qualification will be cancelled.(2) The units that have not provided novitiate posts or carried out novitiate work for more than one year shall be disqualified as novitiate units.(3) For any illegal or disciplinary acts such as falsely reporting the number and duration of probation, cheating or extorting subsidy funds for probation, once verified, the qualification of probation unit shall be cancelled, and the relevant units and responsible persons shall be investigated for their responsibilities according to law;If a crime is constituted, it shall be transferred to a judicial organ for handling according to law.Eight, contact: Zhang Xiaoyan Tel: 0477-5125035 Address: Dongsheng District Federal Building A West annex building, Room B312, Third floor, Ordos City Dongsheng District Employment Service Center January 28, 2022