Glory!The torch bearer of the Winter Olympics comes from the pride of changzhou people

2022-04-24 0 By

“At 110 meters, in less than two minutes, it was the highlight of my life.”The torch relay for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was carried by 126 torchbearers in the Grand Canal Forest Park on The afternoon of February 4, covering a distance of 8.8 kilometers.Xu Zheng, a torchbearer from Changzhou, was among the 126 “extraordinary ordinary people”.Xu zheng, who graduated from Changzhou Senior High School in Jiangsu province in 1989, is now a senior sales manager for The Olympic partner Omega brand in East China.”We received an application form from the organizing committee to carry the torch in October last year.”Xu Zheng told reporters that it took more than three months from confirming the quota to submitting the application, and then passing the examination of the General Administration of Sports and the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games.”I had a lot of butterflies in my stomach waiting.”Ho chong explained, on the one hand, torch bearers are required from all walks of life, in their own systems or outstanding achievements in the field of or the person who has made outstanding contributions, the included in the Olympic torch in addition to the President of the company internal, chairman of the board of directors and other senior executives, and clock ring have cooperation with the company of other brand representative, the owners and dealers;On the other hand, we have been worried about the situation of the epidemic. According to the regulations, it is difficult for applicants from medium-high risk areas to pass the examination.Finally, on January 18 this year, Xu Zheng received EMS from the Olympic Organizing Committee and was successfully selected to be the torchbearer of the Winter Olympic Games.”When I saw the email, I felt as if my heart had finally dropped.”Xu Zheng admitted that after receiving the invitation letter, he often fantasized about holding the torch running.These scenes, rehearsed many times in my mind, finally came true on the afternoon of the 4th.”It was a real emotional drive in the police car to the torch relay.”Ho chong said.In symbol for its “thorough fares of ancient and modern” the grand canal of forest park, 126 runners pass along the Banks of the river, ho chong is excellent, 44 around four escort runners will follow, in front of the camera itself, although the heart speeds up very tense, but still keep calm, maximum wave, smiling face the camera, run slowly, leisurely again pass the flame to the next torchbearer.”The distance of 110 meters, less than two minutes, but I have never felt more proud.””The torchbearers are called ‘extraordinary ordinary people’, who have made extraordinary achievements in ordinary posts.”Xu zheng said, can be successfully selected as a torchbearer, this is a great encouragement for me in the industry for more than 20 years.Such glory will continue to inspire me, just like the theme slogan of this Winter Olympics, with a more diligent and serious heart “Together for the future”!Wish all athletes health and safety, competition style!