Shangqiu Tengwei Changan CS75PLUS 18888 yuan package card package tax to open home

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NEW YEAR gift Huicheng #CS75PLUS Blue Whale Power +8AT18888 Yuan Package brand package tax drive home free value of 5000 yuan 6 years 12 maintenance, comprehensive to the highest discount 23,000 yuan core parts lifetime warranty Blue Whale 2.0T engine, Aixin 8AT gearbox, panoramic skylight, 360 panoramic image,Address: Shangqiu Liang Park, Zhongyuan Car City Minzhu Road and Fukang Road intersection northwest corner tengwei Changan 4S Shop 2022 changan CS75PLUS has been officially launched.There are five models in total, with affordable prices ranging from 117,900 yuan to 154,900 yuan, which is acceptable to the masses of families.There will be 16 new upgrades, including detailed changes to the exterior and a technological upgrade to the interior.The new car is equipped with two blue Whale engines of 1.5T and 2.0T, and the transmission system is matched with the Aixin 6-speed manual transmission or 8-speed manual transmission.Which 2.0t engine is up to 171kwUI maximum power and 360N?Peak torque of m.The appearance of the 2022 Changan CS75PLUS is likely to continue to use the design style of current models on sale, drawing on the “fighter element” design style, and the “royal yue dynamic grille” design has become the main product design elements of the brand.Unique fighter fog lamp cover plate design, with horizontal and longitudinal red decorative bright strip, enhance visual tension.Sharp and angular lines are highlighted its dynamic breath.The side of the vehicle does not change much, but also gives everyone a fashionable and beautiful feeling.Interior layout, the new car still continues the cash style, the overall use of black and red color collocation, highlighting the sense of fashion.Large screen, the whole car many details of the material upgrade, high-grade bright color, and standard with integrated sports seats, science and technology sense has been greatly improved.The event will run from February 8, 2022 to February 10, 2022