Wu Yong, vice chairman of the Disabled people’s Federation of Huizhou County, visited the disabled in Chengguan

2022-04-24 0 By

On January 25, Wu Yong, vice chairman of the County Disabled Persons’ Federation, accompanied by the staff of the County disabled persons’ Federation, visited the disabled people in Distress in Chengguan Town.Everywhere, condolences group all kind regards the difficulties the disabled family, a thorough understanding of their living conditions, the patience to listen to their lives, told the accompanying staff actively helping difficult disabled solve the problem of life, and at the same time on the festival consolation money, will be the first time the party and the government’s care and warmth to the disabled people heart,To ensure that disabled people living in difficult circumstances enjoy a joyous, peaceful and festive holiday season.Wu yong stressed that disabled people are important members of the big family of society and a special group, which needs special care and attention. It is the bounden responsibility of disabled people to prevent their brothers and sisters from being overwhelmed by life difficulties.The CDPF system should devote more courage and responsibility to the practice of making up for deficiencies, adhere to the goal orientation and problem orientation, work hard and innovate, and strive to make disabled people’s lives richer and happier.Supervisor: Zhao Xijuan Review: Ma Xiaodan Editor: Chen Chunyang Contributed: Li Qing