By2 studio hit back again, posted a lawyer’s letter to Sue Li Liang Lei, angrily accused her of using the Internet to incite public opinion

2022-04-25 0 By

Since wang haven’t seen the child back to Taiwan, li jing bud again send several small composition, accusing li jing she causes her to personal attacks, and wang’s side is that li jing’s persecution paranoia, two people argue, net friend who also don’t know what to believe, along with li jing she write a small composition for many times, and not to put real hammer, the net friend seems to have tired of the divorce of the two people.On the afternoon of The 29th, BY2 studio responded to Yumi’s mistress controversy again, and announced a lawsuit against Li Lianglei, also posted a lawyer’s letter.The studio pointed out that Yumi and Leehom wang was a normal relationship, and the friends around all know, completely not involved in The marriage of Leehom Wang, also pointed out that Li Liang Lei repeatedly changed the subject, so long passed, also did not provide any evidence to the police.Because Li Lianglei himself did not appear, and not in the mainland, there is no way to contact her, finally only to the court to file a lawsuit, although the process is very long, but they are willing to wait.The incident went quiet for a while after Li reposted by2’s weibo account and asked for police contact information.Soon after, BY2 responded again, saying that 20 days had passed since Li asked for the police’s contact information, but there had been no response.Later, Li lianglei said that she had not received a private letter from BY2 studio, and posted the video. However, BY2 studio accused Li of lying.Eat melon masses ridicule in succession, these two people go down to deal with it directly online, what things are made on stage, but also occupy public resources, endless is it!At the time, the Internet was flooded with negative news about Li, a nightclub queen who was photographed hugging strange men, and even her mother’s stance.Netizens guess, Wang Lee-hom should be and BY2 together, against Li Liang Lei, when BY2 appeared at the airport, the reporter asked if Wang Lee-hom wanted her to do so, Yumi bowed their heads, not to respond to the question.Now about Li Liang lei and Yumi’s thing, the net is polarization, someone supports Li Liang Lei, also have person, can li Liang lei write small composition, can’t Yumi Sue her?But most people already don’t want to eat this melon, unless there is a new content, now Yumi announced a lawsuit against Li Liang Lei, hope the results as soon as possible during it!What do you think about that?Comment in the comments.