Many political leaders and UN officials are looking forward to China hosting a grand winter Olympics

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Beijing, January 29 (Xinhua) –As the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are about to open, many political leaders and UN officials have expressed their wish for a complete success of the Games and hope that China will host a great Winter Olympic Games.In a statement, Central African Republic President Touadera wished the Beijing Winter Olympics a success.He said the Olympics are a sporting event for all mankind and should not be politicized.Only by adhering to the Olympic spirit of “Swifter, Higher, Stronger — More United” can world unity be realized.In his state of the nation address, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko expressed his opposition to the politicization of sports by the West.He said all belarusians will cheer for their athletes.Tunisian Minister of Youth and Sports Kamel Digish wished the Beijing Winter Olympics a success.He said that the Beijing Winter Olympics will fully demonstrate to the world China’s ability to host world-class events and believes that the Games will be as successful as the 2008 Beijing Olympics.Kenya’s national Olympic committee (ioc) President Paul TeJiaTe personally congratulations to the Beijing organizing committee for the games, expressed confidence in the Beijing Olympics held successfully, and hope to the Beijing Olympics as an opportunity to promote sports exchanges and cooperation in the further development, looking forward to both sides to carry forward the Olympic spirit, strive to promote national unity and cooperation.South Sudan’s Minister of Youth and Sports Albino Bor Deshew said the Beijing Winter Olympics are not only of great significance to the Chinese people, but also a source of pride for us as brotherly South Sudanese people.China’s booming sports industry is an important foundation for winning the bid to host the Winter Olympic Games and successfully hosting such a grand sports event. I am confident that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be a great success. I look forward to a great and successful Winter Olympic Games in China.UN senior officials and permanent representatives of many countries to the UN attended the video reception held by the Chinese Mission to the UN to celebrate the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger and the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, wishing the Beijing Winter Olympic Games a complete success.Sima Sami Bahus, UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women, said in Chinese that she expects women athletes to achieve great success in the Beijing Winter Olympics.The permanent representatives of Norway, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Egypt, France and Russia to the UN congratulated Beijing on becoming the world’s first “Double Olympic City” and praised the Beijing Winter Olympics for carrying forward the Olympic spirit, enhancing understanding and friendship among countries and bringing confidence and strength to all countries.(Participating journalists: Lu Jinbo, Huang Ling, Luo Yu, Bai Lin, Li Hualing, Wang Jiangang)