Rectification network violence, the Central Network information Office moves!

2022-04-25 0 By

In order to create a civilized, healthy, festive and peaceful atmosphere of online public opinion for the Spring Festival, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) of the CPC Central Committee (CAC) launched a one-month campaign on Monday to clean up the Internet environment of the 2022 Spring Festival. The campaign involves online violence, vulgar pop-up ads, chaotic images of “rice circle”, “Internet celebrity children” and “soft pornography”.The focus of this special action includes the following five aspects of rectification tasks: focusing on the rectification of online violence, spreading rumors and other issues, focusing on the rectification of the epidemic, social hot issues, inciting netizens to antagonize, human flesh search, abuse attacks and other online violence.Centralized disposal of public accounts in order to attract traffic maliciously censor Spring Festival topics, fabricate and spread rumors, splurge and stir up old news, mislead the public cognition, mislead the elderly group and other issues.Seriously investigate the Spring Festival to “grab red envelopes”, “free” and other ways to induce netizens to click on the implementation of network fraud and other problems.We focused on investigating and punishing vulgar pop-up ads, sorting out undesirable links in comments, and severely dealing with a number of websites and platforms that engage in pornography and gambling.Strictly prevent the “rice circle” disorderly rebound repeatedly clean up the use of the Spring Festival related topics to hype entertainment stars vulgar gossip scandals and other information, strictly prevent illegal moral loss of star artists using the party, live broadcast and other transfer position comeback.Strengthen the standardized management of online information presentation of entertainment stars during the Spring Festival, and strictly standardize the presentation standards of relevant information to prevent excessive occupation of public platform resources.Focus on stars, brokerage companies (studios), fan groups (support groups), entertainment accounts, strengthen positive communication and guidance, focus on investigating and handling information that incitement fan groups to tear and abuse each other and induce support to beat the list.We will strictly control the flaunting of wealth and the worship of money, the selling of misery and the judging of ugliness. We will focus on eliminating information that promotes the worship of money and the pursuit of happiness by comparing ourselves with others, and crack down on activities such as fabricating tragic stories, exaggerating pessimism and pretending to be ugly.Serious disposal of bizarre and spoof problems, investigation and cleaning involving overeating, bizarre ethical story information, shut down the broadcast room containing undesirable PK content.We will strictly investigate and punish the propagation of feudal superstitions, screen and clean up bad information propagating superstition in the name of high-tech, and crack down on illegal access to personal information or fraud by means of automatic fortune-telling and online divination.We will strictly regulate the use of “Internet celebrities” and “soft pornography” to make profits during the Spring Festival. We will not use minors to post vulgar and unhealthy short video messages, forbid them from appearing live on screen, and prevent them from appearing on screen in the form of voice or body parts.We will focus on services and apps that are frequently used by minors during the Spring Festival, and vigorously crack down on prominent problems involving minors, such as “soft pornography”, cult videos, suicide, and zuan black circle.Further improve the juvenile model, strict time limit and functional restrictions, shall not induce minors “krypton gold” reward, prevent minors addicted to the network.Focus on key sections such as the first screen of the homepage of the website platform, the list of hot searches, hot topics, PUSH pop-ups and the page of important news and information content, actively present positive energy information, and timely clean up illegal and bad information such as pornography, vulgar and vulgar, bloody violence, terror and horror.Source | China editor | Wen Chunyan proofread | Deng Jiaying audit | Du Jin