Reminiscence of childhood ZZ youth pavilion, pay tribute to the predecessors of the King of games!

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Hello, duelists, this is the president!Many duelists would say that Yu-Gi-oh! Was their childhood, or in other words, that yu-Gi-oh! Was their childhood.After all, back in the ‘0s, the Internet wasn’t what it is now, and the way to get Yu-Gi-oh! Cards was to go to a toy store and buy them.And one of them has a manufacturer to do pirate card card, even in the domestic a few years once was considered to be legitimate card card, yes, the president said is ZZ juvenile hall!Today, we will mainly introduce some news about ZZ juvenile hall first, the following several issues will be sorted out to some ZZ juvenile hall cards to put out.The developing course of zz young pavilion piracy as the king of the game, the quality of the card is certainly no k club genuine ocg, TCG is good, but that s k club didn’t even put eyes on China’s game market, wang President it is probably right now, was that the price of the original card believe that many people would rather play zz card.After a period of time, it seems that K suddenly saw the domestic market, and released the traditional Chinese Yu-Gi-oh! For a very short time, but finally did not release it, what is the reason?There are two kinds of views, one is not to be sold in China, the second is rampant piracy.After all, the low price and simplified Chinese translation is favored by many young duelers.Zz Is just the biggest of the many yu-Gi-oh! Pirates, though there are others too.It is laughable that ZZ did so well that caused a variety of domestic talent manufacturers to imitate ZZ, so that the pirated version of ZZ was also pirated, ZZ was atmosphere at that time, called on the duellers to identify ZZ brand not to buy pirated card!Zz’s pirate rival – piggy made, see ZZ printed a set of Oreha Gang, it directly printed a set of martyrs to restrain.Last but not least, ZZ made a lot of money, but it still went out of business.Supposedly due to internal splits (just rumors online), there are still pirated cards, but the biggest one is called Game Kingdom.Zz always claims that they are genuine and that they are based on the anime, so many duels assume that the anime rules are the rules of the physical card, but the physical card uses the master rules.In the early years of ZZ, it was true that the printed cards were transported from animation, and the effects and points were normal. This was the golden age of ZZ, and ZZ was called the ZCG age at this time.In later times, ZZ began to spawn monsters, and the battle collapsed.See many friends on the Internet, said zz card quality is very poor, but it uses 300 grams of coated paper, the paper feels hard, and the printing is clear, the lower left corner is the regular card number.The ones that are soft are probably pirated ZZ, like ZZOCG or some other fake ZZ kid club product.Many people play ZZ is the result of the life situation at that time, once the domestic early Yu-Gio era is quite chaotic, some people for the legitimate version of the fight with others, there are also constantly guide the new enthusiastic duelist.Later, I learned about the event of Yukyo Dami, and I learned that it is not easy for Yu-Gi-oh! To have such an environment, now we can buy genuine cards online at any time, some cards are allowed to fight in private, and there are countless online games about Yu-Gi-oh!Mentioned here is not want to brush the heat or the case is consumption, the original zz box was a lot of things on her make up, she is also my game king into the pit of the guide, but when I learned this things, she has been to another event and pharaoh went to play CARDS, like the king is a kind of card of the soul, like a warm duellist,Like we’re wearing invisible Duel plates right now, yelling, “My turn, Duel!”I deeply remember and pay tribute to those who have fought for us in the Yu-Gi-oh environment.The president was also a loyal fan of ZZ, but now it has become a leaf sweep, now the president is also a firm supporter of the original Yu-Gi-oh!Thanks for watching, duelists. See you next time!Yu-gi-king demon call: this is also k company pro son, fusion ceremony excess so ma3 jia3!Yu-gi-oh: Talking lion warlock, why is he ridiculed by all the duelers?Yu-gi-oh! Gx Comics first word card: Here shoot elemental hero — Friza!First word: The soul of the duelist, the new HERO of the tenth generation of the city!Yu-gi-oh! GX: Why is manga different from anime, originally GX manga was drawn by Teacher Takahashi’s apprentice