Communication hall | 30 years guarding the bridge, safety is always hanging in the heart

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Xie Youjun, a tunnel worker of China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., LTD., inspects pier supports on the Qujiang Bridge during the Spring Festival travel rush.Xie Youjun, 56, has been in shaoguan since 1997, when he was transferred from the Bridge and tunnel workshop in Britain and Germany to the tunnel maintenance and maintenance area. This will be his last Spring Festival travel rush.Bridge maintenance requirements are high, meticulous to each bolt can not be omitted.In the work Xie Youjun held his head high, with a small hammer to check whether there are bolts loose and corrosion, only about 50 cm at the bottom of the beam and pier top creeping, bearing inspection, 4 hours down, the neck will be very sore.”We have to be careful, any neglect can miss the disease, once a small disease grows into a major disease, it can endanger driving safety.”Xie Youjun side inspection told reporters.In addition to checking the pier support, Xie Youjun and his fellow workers, but also check whether there is no pillow cracking, open bridge cover is safe, sleepers drainage is smooth, tunnel wall water leakage……They will spend more than five hours a day inspecting railway Bridges and tunnels and walk nearly seven kilometers to ensure the safety of railway transportation during the Spring Festival travel rush.Shaoguan east bridge tunnel workshop party branch secretary Li Jinbin said, “they work area, responsible for pipe Beijing-Guangzhou line, Gan Shao line, Gan Shao dregs a total of 17 Bridges, 2 long tunnels and hundreds of culverts maintenance tasks.In this year’s reform, they also took over the roadbed of the Ganshao line, and the workload was even greater.”Reporters learned that Xie Youjun is located in shaoguan Qujiang district, the name of Qujiang, quite a history, across the zhenjiang railway steel bridge is also called Qujiang Bridge.The height of the bridge is about 10 meters, the steel beam part of the bridge is 128 meters long, to which is joined by an 80 meters long masonry bridge.After nearly 30 years of working in Bridges and tunnels, Xie has learned to live with loneliness, which is the best way for him.Recall just transferred to the scene here, Xie Youjun’s excitement is overflowing.”When I first came to the district in 1997, it was still desolate, but the majestic steel yardarm across the beauty of Zhenjiang and the busy fishing boats shuttling under the Railway bridge of Qujiang are very beautiful and I was immediately attracted to it,” he said.Xie youjun believes that the future will be better, which is also his motivation to stick to it.With infinite longing for the future, from a young guy to now middle-aged uncle, the years left the scar hanging on his forehead, gray hair write down the footnote of youth.Here, Xie youjun and Qujiang Railway bridge experienced six times of railway speed increase, witnessed the changes and development of Qujiang, also witnessed the rapid development of China’s railway.Having guarded the railway for half his life, Xie Youjun has always treated safety with awe and stuck to his “position” day after day and year after year.In 25 years, only last year did he spend a full Spring Festival with his family.”Well, it’s time for me to retire after the New Year.”He spoke reluctantly.Decades of loneliness and boredom will probably become unforgettable memories for him in the rest of his life.China traffic broadcast: elegant correspondent: Lu Province Province Xu Wei Long Xia Wenbo dub: Guo Jing statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: