The legendary novel of the Republic of China “Liyuan Yinhate” 45

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Qin Dongsheng, Cui Chunming, Xia Kehan and Naughty were making up. Hearing the sound of firecrackers outside, they all ran down the stage and went to the door of the head to watch the fun.Cui Chunming felt that the red dress and red veil looked like a big red flower as her new daughter-in-law got off the sedan chair and looked at him through the veil, wondering if the painted face makeup was something special.The new daughter-in-law was surrounded by a group of women wearing red and green, hand color fiber in the happy music into the Wang family compound.He felt again that his new wife looked back at him, puzzled.”Petrified.When will I marry you?I also set off firecrackers.””Asked the mischievous smile.”You slimy little boy.Come on, it’s time to start.”Cui Chunming said, took the naughty back to the background.Qin Dongsheng walks and pondered his new daughter-in-law. Is she a fool or a normal person like Wang Hui?If it were a pair of melon seeds, it would be interesting;If it is an elf, that life such as bitter……Just on the backstage, was surprised to see Miss Hu Qiuchan actually sitting in front of his makeup table.Just want to open mouth, fierce listen to foster father a deliberate cough and helpless, do not know advance and retreat.”Have you recovered all your wounds, Winter Sheng?”Miss Hu Qiuchan was the first to speak.”All right.”Qin Dongsheng hesitated and apologized, “Don’t take what happened that day to heart.Why don’t you go and see your new wife?””Of the squirrel.As soon as my cousin’s marriage is settled, I’ll return to Xi ‘an.”Hu Qiuchan replied.”When the play is finished, we will also leave Yongshou county to look for my parents.I will also visit Xi ‘an in the future.”At this time, Wang Fu bowed back to the background, said Wang Cuiyin can not find her daughter and not happy, urging Hu Qiuchan to see the new daughter-in-law.Heard now might as well, Hu Qiuchan is anxious to see the new cousin sister-in-law, say goodbye to Qin Dongsheng, like a bird fly also like underground background.The venerable Master, dressed like a burnt-out poker, sat at the head of the table, smiling from ear to ear as he stroked his goatee.Wang Yaozu, Xu Yanrong and Wang Cuiyin stood beside him.Guests surrounded the whole hall.Wang Hui, the groom, was pulled in by the deacon and threw the colored fiber on the ground. He saw that people were looking at him, saying, laughing and feeling annoyed, he kicked out the guests.”Out, out! Never seen a wife?”The guest knew his number and let him go.The deacon picked it up and thrust it into his hand.”One day.””The host exclaimed.Wang Hui stood still, as if it were none of her business.The deacon pushed his head down.”Why do you press me?Wang Hui shouted.Then he dropped the color fiber, took off his happy hat and ran outside, “No fun, no fun…”Xu Yanrong saw the guests roared with laughter, hurried up to coax his son, give him just clothes and hats.The deacon led him back to his new wife.”Two worship high hall.”Wang Hui did not move.Deacon old woman anxious, coax him way: the foot has a big money.He bowed his head and made a forced bow.The guests were drinking and laughing like a cattle market.But he still looked down here and there, still looking for the ‘big money’.”Husband and wife worship.”Wang Hui was pulled to face the new daughter-in-law and stand, giggling to uncover.The deacon gave him a pat. He gave a strange cry and stretched out his neck like a wild goose, trying to look at his new wife under his hood.The deacon had to put his head down and lead him into the bridal chamber.”Into the bridal chamber.”The deacon woman took the groom and drew the bride towards the bridal chamber.After a few steps, Wang Hui turned around, wiped his nose with his sleeve and asked his mother to go with him.The guests laughed and Xu Yanrong covered her blushed face with the “spirit flags”.Wang Cuiyin disdains a smile, some exultation.The awkward situation was resolved when the venerable Master Kao called his guests to the table for a wedding drink.Gongs and drums, the play is about to begin.Miss Hu Qiuchan went on stage again.Qin Dongsheng has no time to talk to her, in the foster father’s urging, floating on the stage.Qin Lanbud greeted her to sit down and chat with her.”It’s quite a scene. Isn’t the new wife pretty?”Qin Lanya asked.”Well.Beautiful.Her name is Sun Yumei, from Nanguan.”Cui Chunming in an audit, surprised a long time back to god.No wonder the new wife was looking at him, like this.Poor little sister, how did she get into the fire?Do you want to spend your whole life with that idiot man?She doesn’t have a choice.He thought back to the night before and regretted his carelessness in asking the truth.What can we do if we know the truth?Could he change her circumstances, her life, her destiny?He punched the dresser so hard it shook and shook.Sun Yumei stupidly played out each scene and sat on the edge of the bed.She did not care to see how well the house was kept, how well furnished it was.Red with the word ‘xi’ candles burning in the candlestick, decorated with window outside the head, came bursts of cheerful, lively joy.She was not moved by it, as if she were doing someone else’s wedding. It had nothing to do with her.Wang Hui giggled at her, but when she ignored him, he put a red tablecloth over his head and sat with her side by side, chattering nonstop.She pulled down her veil and threw it at him, standing away from the disgusting creature.He followed her and threw the red tablecloth on the floor, hissing noisily.The servant girl helped the kao wang into the new room. Sun Yumei showed the kao his seat.The old Master Kao Wang looked at sun Yumei with a gloomy face. He thought it would be your fortune to marry the daughter of a poor man.You didn’t steal it, and you’re pulling your face?Let her take care of her grandson.”Yumei, grandpa has left Hui er to you. This family is yours.Be kind to him;Don’t give him a cold shoulder.He’s the blessed one. Follow him, and you’ll be blessed forever.If you want the stars, you have the stars; if you want the moon, you have the moon.Grandpa will do you no harm.What’s missing, what’s missing, if anyone bullies you, call Grandpa.I will not forgive anyone who bullies Hui – er.””Grandpa.Granddaughter-in-law noted.”Sun Yumei promised.