Can money in the bank beat inflation?

2022-04-27 0 By

Many people have deposits in the bank, conservatively estimated that each family must have several hundred thousand, then these money in the bank can maintain and increase the value of?The current domestic inflation rate is about 2 percent, which means that 100 yuan is 98 yuan left by the end of the year.If the interest rate on bank deposits is below 2%, the money in the bank is not protected.Look at present, long-term, large, national debt is to exceed 2% interest rate for certain, current deposit is certainly not.So are there other financial products to buy?For example, financial management, insurance, funds and so on, many elderly friends do not understand these, especially insurance, the terms are complex, mixed, once bought it is difficult to cash.Are there other ways to invest?There must be, but the risk is very high, for example, stocks, many people also like to buy, but can make money very few, basically lose money.There is investment in real estate, etc., these need a lot of money, the general people do not talk about.At present, in China, stable investment income is suitable for families to promote the first national debt, high interest rate without tax, the disadvantage is long cycle.