Dream journey to the west: Hidden treasure pavilion found a strange Yin and Yang umbrella, 500 cabbage price

2022-04-27 0 By

Fantasy Journey to the West presents wonderful anecdotes every day.Sincerely wish to give me some attention to the friends can make a fortune as soon as possible, take no level, to achieve our childhood dream!A player made another 130 non-level necklaces today, and it’s worth mentioning that the psychic power exploded nearly 40 points.That’s 30 points to full spirit.So the price of this necklace is not much different from the manling 130 level, because it is easy to smelt 30 mana.Some may joke that it is not so easy to melt 30 mana, cloud player.But the truth is in the treasure room.There are a lot of necklaces that have been melted to 28, so this necklace is worth a lot, maybe 150,000.The ark asks you to get off a player to do weekend activity, hang up also calculate, even the baby didn’t loyalty ran also no matter, the captain can’t bear it, want to ask him to get off, don’t think to pay 150 thousand hang up fee, think is big ye.It’s not surprising that this happens all the time.Interestingly enough, the captain deserves some praise for splitting the kicked player’s fees among the other three players, leaving the kicked player speechless.Female this umbrella is worth buying because xiaobian likes the modelling of Yin and Yang umbrella this baby very much, often pay attention to the Yin and Yang umbrella of treasure pavilion so, want to buy a few full red to use.Yin and Yang umbrella baby is very rare in the treasure pavilion, xiaobian very not easy to see a price is very low, want to cross the service seconds, but hair it is a wild, that spend the price of 1000 dollars is certainly not worth it.But the puzzling thing came, this wild baby number Lord why would give him a full red, I think, the only possible is that the original baby has good and evil or force splitting and other special skills, and finally special skills were knocked off.No special skills, but also wild.However, the price of 500 yuan is still a cheap price, so players in Liuxi River can consider buying it.