The first 4 hits in LPL add up to Faker’s honor

2022-04-27 0 By

LOL is now in its 12th season, and LPL finally has its first homegrown champion — Flandre.In the middle unit, however, LPL still needs a breakthrough from scratch.So far, none of the three LPL champions have been local players.Xiaohu was the one with the best performance and the most honors, but it was a pity that he didn’t win the championship.And even scarier than that, the four of them, combined, are about the same as Faker.In the S event, Scout, Doinb, Rookie combined 3 champion, Scout also has an FMVP.Xiaohu won 2 championships in MSI, while others didn’t.Rookie has 1 ONG championship, 1 LPL championship in league titles.Doinb has 1 LPL champion;Scout at EDG, when he was dominant, had 3 LPL titles;Xiaohu has 4 LPL champions.In contrast, Faker has 3 S-tournament titles, 1 FMVP, and 2 MSI titles in major honors.There is no direct comparison between LCK and LPL, but the above 4 combined have 1 LCK champion and 9 LPL champions, Faker himself has 9 LCK champions.If you think about it, Faker, who started in S3, has played for 9 seasons in total except S12, and there are two league championships in one year — spring and summer championships, Faker won 9 out of 18, this is how persistent dominance, average one league championship per year, it is horrible to think about.What’s more, he is still in the team’s starting center. Although with the passing of time, he can’t Carry as much as when he was young, and his energy and concentration have also decreased, he is now the brain and core of the team and still keeps a good competitive state.In the current competition of the LCK2022 season, T1 team is 6-0 and ranked first.In addition to the honor, more people relish his story in otc, besides a bit stingy, too thrifty, keen to charity, he is modest, not to find excuses for yourself, lost the responsibility actively, after the championship, his face interview most want to say is I’m sorry the previous old teammates, failed to lead them to get the champion.There is no doubt that Faker is way ahead of everyone else in the central unit and all positions.