A 1-0.Manchester United exploded, pogba knelt and kissed the turf, Cristiano Ronaldo ignored his team-mates’ unhappiness

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United got the goal they wanted at burnley, but Cristiano Ronaldo seemed unhappy not to start.Ronaldo was oblivious and distracted as Varane celebrated, although the goal was later disallowed.But Pogba showed great form and was delighted to score on his return, kissing the turf.Round 24 of the Premier League begins with Manchester United at Burnley.Manchester United were fourth on 38 points, while Burnley were bottom on 13.Home since three days later and Southampton, and rice, Fred, new crown is absent, so this Manchester united to make rotation, for the bench ronaldo, cavani, behind him is rush ford, sancho, three in midfield pogba, B fee and mike tommy nye, defence of parrot and Luke shaw, maguire, navarre, goalkeeper is still DE gea.In the fifth minute, The burnley left-back was blocked and Cornet crossed across the middle of the pitch. Several people missed the front spot and the United defender was out of reach.In the eighth minute, United started the offensive, passing through rashford’s shot, which was saved by the goalkeeper.Ten minutes into the match, Rangnick made a change and Rashford and Sancho switched positions, Sancho playing to the right and Rashford returning to his usual left.The 11th minute, Manchester United right free kick opportunity, B fee cross, varane point after the head.But the goal was disallowed after the referee looked at the VAR and indicated that Maguire was offside and had interfered with the goal.The referee this operation, also let the bench longick very dissatisfied.It is worth mentioning that Ronaldo on the bench chose to ignore varane’s celebration after his goal, looking a little unhappy that he did not start.In the 19th minute, united attacked from the back, with Rashford diving, Luxshaw going down for a triangle and Pogba scooping home from the back.A 1-0.After scoring his first goal back, pogba was so happy that the rest of his teammates celebrated and he even knelt and kissed the turf.Just a minute later, United scored again from a corner, but the referee again stole the camera and ruled out an offensive foul.