Russian amorous feelings: Jilin old gold introduces greenhouse vegetable in Russia, become winter to pick resort accidentally

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At the request of some friends, I will write jilin Laojin’s life in Russia.This is canto five.Simply review the basic situation of Lao Jin, so that everyone friends smoothly read the following article.Taking jilin full name Jin Jili, nationality, hometown jilin tonghua, originally in their hometown of state farm land, then came to Russia, in the far east to help Chinese boss farming, kind of a few years, save a little money, rent a plot of land near the Russian irkutsk, himself as a farmer, planting wheat, corn, beans and potatoes,It also operates trade between Russia and China, mainly importing Russian wheat, soybeans, rapeseed and corn into China.Later, Lao Jin developed a new business, that is, planting vegetables. He made a lot of money by planting vegetables. He became the king of local vegetables and won various honors.Encouraged by local Chinese friends, He opened a Chinese restaurant, which did not make much money, but became a club for many Chinese and Chinese students in Irkutsk. He was also happy, but his original intention was not to make money.Kim had a domestic marriage, married a colleague of their work unit and had a daughter, but they divorced because Kim spent much time together in Russia.A few years later, Mr. Kim married another Russian woman and had five mixed-race children. After the epidemic, his family returned to Live in China.Above is a simple review of Lao Jin, there are related links at the back of the article, you can click to read.[Thank you][Thank you][Thank you] In the previous article I wrote the experience of Lao Jin in Irkutsk, Russia, planting vegetables, with their own technology, and our Chinese people the most hard-working spirit, Lao Jin in the planting of vegetables made a lot of money.But within a few years of starting to grow vegetables, Kim also had problems. What problems?Even in Russia, in irkutsk, where he lived, there were only five months of the year when vegetables could be grown, the rest of the year when nothing could be done and the land lay idle.So, after two long winters, Kim decided to do something, something to do during the Russian winter.Those of you who have read my previous articles know that He grew up on a farm in northeast China and is very familiar with its operation and planting patterns.How many years ago, the northeast farmers or rural people in long winter also have nothing to do, in the cold weather, and can only drink, play CARDS, watch the men indoors, commonly known as for the cat, then, from the shandong vegetable greenhouses this way, a lot of northeast of land, can be planted in the winter vegetable greenhouses, anti-season vegetables for local and surrounding areas.Laojin will return to their hometown in each winter, also to the local vegetable greenhouses checks for many times, and then compare the irkutsk winter temperature and the temperature of the northeast and no obvious difference, may all the year round average is the problem of a few degrees, decided to put the vegetable greenhouses introduced to his farm in Russia.Since things have been decided, he began to prepare for the work, but always feel uneasy in the heart, so went to a few times in Shouguang, Shandong, where the large family of vegetables to learn several times, finally relieved to return to Russia, began to build vegetable greenhouses in his farm.Old him vegetable greenhouses, there is a small episode, just put the land rent to his landlord saw, what think laojin on his land to build buildings, then intervened, laojin does not have method, called the landlord and the local competent officials together, explained the function of vegetable greenhouses and use, and assure the landlord, land expires,Lao Jin was responsible for tearing down the vegetable shed and restoring the original condition of the land, so that Lao Jin’s vegetable shed was successfully built.At the beginning, Mr. Jin didn’t dare to build too many vegetable greenhouses, because he didn’t know what the market would be like, so he built a few vegetable greenhouses to test the water.After the completion of vegetable greenhouses, laojin began to ponder what kind of vegetables, vegetable greenhouses construction, cultivation of high cost, heat preservation, maintenance, of course not regarded vegetables, finally through the consultation, according to the local residents’ consumption habits, decided to grow cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce this three kinds of vegetables of high value.There is no essential difference between planting vegetables in greenhouses and planting vegetables in summer. The main work is focused on how to keep the proper temperature inside the greenhouses so that it is suitable for the growth of vegetables.In this respect, it is ok to copy the domestic experience. The first is to cover the greenhouse with thermal insulation facilities at night, and the second is to operate heating equipment to adjust the temperature inside the greenhouse.In this way, Mr. Jin’s greenhouse vegetables were successfully planted in the first year, and the sales channels were ready-made. After Mr. Jin handed over his greenhouse vegetables to the sales channels, the supply was really in short supply. Why?Because in Russia, supermarkets also sell the vegetables in winter, but basically are imported from Europe, mainly southern European countries, such as France, Spain, Italy and other countries, is very, very expensive, the common people simply can’t afford to consumption, laojin after appearing on the market of greenhouse vegetables, direct sales at half the price, so it is popular with the merchants and people.But Mr. Jin grew too little to meet the demand, and local Chinese restaurants later found out about Mr. Jin’s practice and bought most of the vegetables they harvested.The first year passed in this way, and Mr. Jin succeeded in testing vegetables in the greenhouse. In the second year, Mr. Jin had the bottom of his mind and suddenly expanded the scale.Greenhouse vegetable varieties also according to the needs of Chinese restaurants and local supermarkets to increase a lot of varieties, what celery, leek, spinach, garlic, parsley, green pepper, coriander, loofah, zucchini and so on, basically everyone as long as put forward, and from the local can grow, the old golden vegetable greenhouse has.Planting greenhouse vegetables makes Lao Jin a lot of money. All vegetables are sold out in advance. In order to get vegetables, customers come to the door to load and transport them by themselves.Sometimes there are not many vegetables on the day, and Kim has to coordinate with customers to make a reasonable distribution among them.Another opportunity came from Kim’s children. For those of you who read the previous article, Kim married a Russian woman and fathered five mixed-race children.With nowhere to go during the long Russian winters, the children often came to Kim’s farm to play. Sometimes they helped him with some work, but more often they found greenhouses full of green vegetables, some with flowers of various colors, and some with fruits of various kinds.Children like to play in the vegetable greenhouse, so sometimes there will be some of the children’s friends, students with them together came here to play, so ten, ten, to the children’s parents, children’s teachers and so on, attracted more and more people.So Lao Jin thought, aren’t there many picking gardens in China, why not build a picking garden here?With the idea in mind, Kim returned to China and found several picking gardens for a taste. After returning to Russia, he slightly transformed several greenhouses and became a picking garden.Then let the company staff to complete the relevant procedures, Lao Jin’s picking garden opened.Without advertising, word of mouth has already attracted enough customers, because if there are too many people, Lao Jin’s picking garden really does not have enough vegetables for everyone to pick.Picking garden can make local residents, the long, cold winter in Russia have a contact with nature is a good place for leisure, people after picking, can take picked harvest home, can also be public kitchen in picking themselves do eat, can also let the picking garden chef cooked vegetables to eat.Of course, visitors are charged for the fruits and vegetables they pick, and if they use the garden’s kitchen, they charge a little more if the garden’s chef cooks them.Moreover, there is an entrance fee to enter the picking garden, so after such operation, Lao Jin’s picking garden earned several times more money than the simple vegetable greenhouses.The reputation of the garden is out, but there are still some customers are not satisfied with it. For example, some tourists said that picking here is a little monotonous, so Jin arranged two projects.One project is to set up a vegetable greenhouse, so that people who come to pick can barbecue in it by themselves, bring various ingredients, or use the ingredients picked in the vegetable greenhouse site, or buy from Lao Jin.Another project is to transfer the chefs and waiters of the restaurant to a part of the house next to the vegetable shed to cook a variety of Chinese food on the spot, so that people who come here to pick can have a rest, eat, experience the catering culture.In this way, after several years of development, The content of Lao Jin’s winter vegetable greenhouse picking tour has become more and more rich, attracting people from several nearby towns to experience it.There is a river next to Laojin’s farm, every winter on a thick layer of ice, because to the laojin picking park to pick and play a lot of people, some people open up a natural skating rink on the frozen river, also attract a lot of people in the past skating, playing ice hockey.For a while, Mr. Kim even brought in a Russian college rock band to play in the area, which worked well for more people.Kim in the picking park above make a lot of money, but there are some unhappy things, because Kim’s picking park far away from the city, people to pick park only their own way to drive over, but this faces a problem, what is the problem?I think we all know that in Russia, both men and women, basically like to drink a little wine, and there are a lot of people who are addicted to alcohol. As a result, there are a lot of people who have drunk driving accidents, and there were two cases of drunk driving that also caused people’s lives.After the baptism of these events, Kim cut out the messy business, leaving only the simple greenhouse picking business, from the end to the beginning, feeling good, do not worry about what happened.About Jilin Lao Jin’s life in Russia, there have been four articles, interested friends can click on the link below to read.Jilin Old Jin married a half-Russian woman and raised a lot of children. Jilin old Jin opened a Chinese restaurant in Russia that became a Chinese club. Jilin old Jin grew vegetables in Russia and became a local vegetable king.Taking jilin farming career in Russia, exotic home of the suantiankula if you think about some of Russia’s local conditions and customs, know more about your stories anecdotes, please pay attention to my headline number, read my previous article, there are a lot of articles about Russia, and also encouraged me to write something about Russia in the future.