Sichuan a takeout little brother gallop to save, save after rejoice: I almost too late to save her

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Sichuan a takeout little brother rushed to save the woman, the matter once public, immediately triggered the full network praise.On Jan 26, the platform responded that it had decided to award ge Luo Chu Dong the title of “Pioneer Knight” and give him 10,000 yuan as a reward for his bravery.Luckily, luo recalled, the railing on the bridge was relatively high, otherwise he might not have made it.Last month, his colleague had saved a child who was about to jump from the bridge, so he noticed the suicidal woman when he crossed the bridge this time, fearing that she would also want to die.On January 24, a woman carrying a baby walked onto a bridge over the Tuojiang River in Luzhou city. Later, she put the baby on the cold ground and turned around to the guardrail, intending to jump into the river.At that time, Luo Bug Dong just riding an electric car after the woman, he felt that the woman is not right, he observed its action through the rearview mirror.Before he had gone far, the woman turned and climbed over the railing and tried to jump into the river.Luo bug dong too late to think, quickly stopped the car to the woman side gallop, a will be a young woman pulled down from the railings.He said there were not many pedestrians on the bridge at the time and he heard the woman crying as he passed, so he slowed the car down.Luo Bug dong said, he will save the woman, the other party’s mood is very excited, let him control it is very difficult, soon, he felt his hands and feet.Soon, roadside appeared “relay” to help the good Samaritan.In luo Worm dong’s memory, at the beginning is a taxi driver stopped to ask the situation, he asked the other party to call the police.Then a private car pulled up and the owner got out to help him.A passing bus driver then called the police.Mr. Luo said he switched places with the taxi driver, who helped control the woman’s movements and picked up the baby on the ground.But as soon as he touched her, she began to cry and the car owner later helped carry the baby.After about four or five minutes, the police arrived at the scene, Luo Bug Dong put his hand into his pocket, turned around and left silently.Later, several other good samaritans also left their own, leaving two police at the scene, one squatting side to comfort the woman, the other one coaxed the child.Luo said he had never been in such a situation before, and this was his first rescue.In fact, when he ran to the woman, his legs were soft.The woman resisted, crying out words like “Children are difficult to take care of.”According to Dong, the woman was less than 30 years old and the child she was holding was her eight-month-old daughter.He did not delay the delivery of food, the platform was not punished, but the left side of the rear view mirror of the electric car broke.Luo Chu Dong, 20, has been working as a delivery boy for just over a month, according to Jimei News.He worked as a chef in Chengdu before. Because his father fell ill, he resigned and returned to his hometown to accompany his father for treatment and take care of his life.Later, luo Chu Dong’s father got better, he found a job delivering food.In addition to my parents, there are two younger brothers who are in middle school.Luo Bug Dong father learned that his son to save the story, specifically to save the son of the video forward to others, heart ten children proud.For the bonus received, Luo Worm Dong has a plan, he intends to take the money to buy an electric car belongs to his own, and then buy some New Year gifts for his parents.Part of the material is from jimu News, Lanzhou Morning Post and other editors: Ding Yi