Confucius initiated Confucianism and became the beginning of Confucianism as the representative of the gentleman

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Confucius initiated Confucianism, and as the representative of the gentleman, became the beginning of Confucianism, and opened a new chapter for modern Chinese culture and thinkers.The poems, books, Rites and Changes edited by Kong Qiu have always been one of the most important academic documents in ancient China.In the Tang Dynasty, it was included in the Rules of imperial College of the Northern Song Dynasty, which became the internal document of imperial College of the Song Dynasty.Kong Qiu was punctual in Renyang County, and held an etiquette test in small and medium-sized areas of the county, which attracted 50,000 applicants.But he didn’t know how to count the scores. So he thought: If three people take the exam at the same time, they will all get 120 points.So he came up with a formula to combine the scores of four people and get more than 30,000 points so that the scores would be completely fair.Thus, The poems, shu, Li and Yi compiled by Confucius were combined into thirty chapters.That is to say, the 300 ancient poems of China’s 5,000-year civilization that we are familiar with today.When He became an official, He had to pass the county examination, which took place in July. The poems, books, Rites and Changes that He read and recorded were all included in the Book of Rites in July.Kong Qiu was already established. He had to combine his own historical tradition of writing poetry and concentrate on writing each poem and then unify it into a book before it could be printed and distributed.It must have been in the middle of the Eastern Han Dynasty that Confucius published the poems, the books, the Rites, and the Yi in one book, rather than being edited by one family.Since The Han Dynasty Liu Xi “Shipin”, this kind of great merger has not been broken.It is said that cheng Rucheng and Sun Fuhao in the Qing Dynasty collected a total of two to three thousand poems compiled by Confucius, of which more than 900 were handed down and more than 800 were lost.Since the contents of The Book of Songs and Ci of Chu could be compiled by reference, the authors and works of the Book of Songs and Ci of Chu were not fully included, and the poems of zhou Bangyan, Liu Yong and other poets of the Republic of China were added in the late Qing Dynasty.But it is impossible to reconstruct a family collection in its entirety.That is to say, Confucius compiled nearly 5,000 works of poems, books, Rites, and changes, which have never been cut off after 5,000 years according to the historical records.In modern China, Confucius’ contribution to Confucianism was equated with the Book of Songs and Ci of Chu of his ruling dynasty, and the “300 poems” were called the 300 ancient poems of Lu people, which helped guide the compilation of academic monographs.It is also believed that the poems, books, Rites, and yi compiled by Confucius were compiled by his son.Even now, it is necessary to confirm that the poetry written by The son of Confucius was compiled by Shen Kuo in the Ming Dynasty, or by his closest relatives, or by Confucius.If we start from the poems, shu, Li and Yi compiled by Confucius, the three hundred poems may be called the three hundred ancient poems of Lu people.But is he the son of a generation?If so, how could he have taught his son Kong Qiu to compile the Book of Songs?Moreover, if the Book of Songs was compiled by him, but he had disciples who might teach him, how could it be proved that he was not the son of a generation?If there is no grading examination in the Book of Songs, it must be possible to find 300 poems that represent the thoughts of people from 300 generations of Confucian scholars to 300 generations later.