Do you still remember the thriving Yaozhou Fire Pavilion in Tongchuan?

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“Heart heart in an art, its art must work;The heart is in the job, the job must be lifted.”In today’s fast-paced life, there are some people in the “slow” life, they inherit the craft, the continuation of the “taste”, in decades of time, focus on doing the same thing, in the path of transmission and excellence.From now on, Huashang Daily – Ersanli Information has opened a column, allowing readers to have an in-depth understanding of the stories behind these craftsmen, to further understand the local intangible heritage projects in Tongchuan, and to bring you a unique cultural experience of Tongchuan.If you have these skilled craftsmen around you, welcome to add the two or three miles of Tongchuan Station information micro signal (micro signal: ESL0919) to contact us.Yaozhou Fire Pavilion Traditional Chinese handicraft skills in fine arts, painting, modeling, paper tying process in one image vivid performance spectacular now passed to the fourth generation of inheritance – Hu Mincai “East Street fire pavilion play red” “North street lion, South street dragon, east street fire pavilion play red”.Hu Mincai told reporters that this is a ballad spread among the elderly yaozhou people, is a vivid portrayal of the fire in the ancient county of Yaozhou.On February 10, in front of the cultural center in Yaozhou District of Tongchuan City, the reporter saw the fire Pavilion made by hu Mincai, the fourth generation inheriter of yaozhou Fire Pavilion, with the theme of “Fu Hu Sheng Wei Hu Roar Epidemic Spread”.This “tiger” is full of momentum, full of power beauty, attracted many citizens to watch, take photos.”This is my work this year. It’s beautiful when I turn on the light at night.”Hu Mincai said with a smile.Yaozhou Fire Pavilion, a typical plastic art, is initiated by the people of Yaozhou, a unique folk art in Shaanxi, and a wonderful flower in shehuo art garden.Since it was created in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, it has been identified as the first batch of intangible cultural heritage in Shaanxi Province with high artistic value for its unique characteristics, realistic shapes, brilliant lights, magnificent style, distinctive stories and unique forms of expression.”Hu Shengjie, the third generation inheritor of the Fire Pavilion, is very famous and skilled in making fire pavilions. I live in an alley with him.Hu Mincai recalled, at that time, as long as nothing to go to master Hu’s home to see him make the fire pavilion, also play a hand, practice makes perfect, in the long-term art practice with Teacher Hu, listen to teach carefully, focus on learning, skills progress.Hu Mincai was born in an ordinary family in 1960. “I have been fond of writing and drawing since I was a child.Hu Mincai said that after junior middle school, he participated in the art training class of workers, peasants and soldiers held by Yaoxian Cultural Center (now Yaozhou District Cultural Center). He had a systematic understanding of painting and became more fond of it. These art learning experiences also laid some foundation for the later production of fire Pavilion.When he was 26 years old, he began to contact the Fire Pavilion. He designed and made the fire Pavilion for Dongjie Village for 4 times successively with his teacher Hu Shengjie. He also made the main lights and floats of light exhibition art for many units and enterprises, especially the lanterns with traditional regional characteristics such as “Legend of Medicine King”, “Dragon diagnosis by tiger”, “Bangs playing with toad” and “Vientiane renewal”.Later independently for the county cultural center, urban construction Bureau, land bureau and other units to make lanterns and floats.In the past two years, with the support of yaozhou District Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, Hu Mincai opened a studio in Wenmiao Street, providing a platform for the publicity and display of this folk art.”The desire to create, which had been pent-up in my heart for years, was suddenly aroused.”Hu mincai was so happy that he made a wish list and planned to do something good.’He loves drawing animals so much that he paints them on paper and on the wall when he is free at home.’Hu Mincai’s daughter Hu Yue told reporters, since childhood to see his father to do these, the heart is very worship, know that these finished products have poured into the father’s time, painstaking efforts, from the choice of materials to the later each process should be cautious, slightly careless have to redo.”My son is learning from me. He has watched me do these things since he was a child. He often makes them with me.”Referring to the future inheritance, Hu mincai said that his son Hu Jianning’s work is also related to this craft, and he is willing to learn it.As a non-hereditary inheritor, he also has a sense of mission, to undertake his own responsibility for non-hereditary.(ZJM) Prohibit reprinting