Only South Korea could surpass gu and Yuzuru hanyu’s popularity at the Beijing Winter Olympics

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More than 2,800 athletes from 91 countries and regions are bidding for a total of 109 gold MEDALS at the much-anticipated 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, which officially kicked off on Feb 4 (Beijing time) after a magnificent opening ceremony directed by Zhang Yimou.In the past four days of competition, The Chinese athletes played well, with 3 gold and 2 silver total results ranked the third place in the gold medal table.For Chinese viewers, two of the most worth looking forward to the Olympics athletes are skiing athletes from China GuAiLing and figure skater feather raw knot string from Japan, the former has just won the freestyle skiing women’s big platform, holding dozens of top commercial endorsements, and the latter is for two consecutive Olympic winter games men’s figure skating champion,Unique temperament let him harvest countless people’s love.These two athletes are the top performers of the winter Olympics.Along with the heat of the Olympic winter games, the discussion of the various gestures also slowly rise, but in all kinds of discussion and controversy, extraordinarily rich and harsh speech from South Korea, south Korean media and individual out of line move all to show, in the Beijing Olympics, will be able to transcend in heat GuAiLing and feather raw strings, they only pushy.The South Koreans, who are always keen on making trouble, directed their “artillery fire” at China from the beginning of the Winter Olympics, believing that the traditional Korean costume in the scene of 56 ethnic minority representatives passing the national flag at the opening ceremony is a so-called “cultural project” carried out by China, and accusing China of “coveting hanbok culture”.Some South Korean media, who are not averse to watching the spectacle, have criticized China’s “cultural plunder” and even asked the Moon Jae-in administration to lodge a diplomatic protest with China over the matter.South Korean officials were surprised that a live broadcast of less than two seconds could generate so much public opinion.South Korean officials know in their hearts that no amount of rhetoric on China can completely calm the situation, so they have no choice but to let it go.Within two or three days, Rok National Assembly Speaker Park Byung-seok, rok Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ROK Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism who are on a visit to China have publicly expressed their concern over the “Hanbok controversy”, saying that China is referring to its Korean ethnic group, only to accidentally cause “misunderstanding between the two countries”.The Moon Jae-in administration does not want the controversy to affect the overall china-South Korea relations, so it can only try to strike a balance between irrational domestic public opinion and China-South Korea relations, so as not to offend China and cater to the public opinion to some extent.Beijing time on February 8, in the afternoon, the Chinese embassy in South Korea, said a spokesman for any hype about “cultural looting” completely untenable, the body of the Korean nationality of China and on the Korean peninsula on the national history and culture of the same, the same language, folk customs and traditional clothing, it is this cultural special close relationship,That gives the Chinese and Koreans a unique sense of kinship.This year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and the ROK, and bilateral relations have entered a new stage of development. Only with mutual respect and joint efforts can China and the ROK truly promote the warming of friendly feelings between the two peoples.The reason why the opening ceremony can become a hot topic of civil controversy in China and South Korea in just a few days is closely related to the geopolitical and international relations changes brought by the rapid growth of China’s comprehensive national strength in recent years, in addition to the so-called “big business” that South Koreans always uphold.In reality, South Korea has reached the “developed country standard,” as western countries call it, but it cannot compete with China and Japan except for its northern neighbor, whose economic statistics are better than its own.”Heart is higher than heaven, life is thinner than paper,” said the Bottom of the east Asian monster house in South Korea.Due to historical reasons, The financial, diplomatic and military powers of South Korea are controlled by the United States. In addition, the game between China and the United States is in the most tense period at the present stage, South Korea is facing the most embarrassing situation since independence. On the one hand, it needs the Chinese market with 1.4 billion population for economic and trade development, and on the other hand, it needs the help of the United States for security.In the long run, it is not hard to understand that South Korea often breaks out into large-scale social tearing and extreme ethnic phenomenon.According to the Chosun Ilbo of South Korea, anti-China sentiment among young People in South Korea is rising due to a series of recent incidents, and an increasing number of young people in South Korea have a negative view of China.We should recognize that any extreme populism is like a fire that, while it may burn hot for a short time, will soon burn out.If South Korea does not face up to its problems, it will only push itself into the abyss in the long run.