Shanghai artists celebrate the 24th Winter Olympic Games

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China News Shanghai News on February 2 (reporter Chen Jing)On February 2, the Shanghai Character Painting Studio celebrated the opening of the 24th Winter Olympic Games with a series of creative activities.A long drawing table, drawing table 60 cm wide, about 20 meters long roll of rice paper ready.Eleven artists, including Xi Wenyuan and Ye Xiong, will create traditional Chinese paintings reflecting the Winter Olympics.They have some layout, some outline, some splash ink, some color…In a painter’s pen, the winter Olympics venues colorful, athletes dragon teng Tiger Yue, competitors work hand in hand…All the pomp and circumstance.It is understood that in order to create today, before, the painter did a lot of preparation.They learn about the general situation and events of the Winter Olympics, refer to various materials of the Winter Olympics, collect the creation materials such as scenes and costumes and props related to the Beijing Winter Olympics, and then determine the creation theme, title and creation form on this basis.On wechat, artists discuss in large groups, exchange ideas in small groups, and even communicate with each other one-on-one, offering ideas and suggestions for creation.Painter Zhu Xinlong told reporters that day: “We usually see collective creation is based on flower and bird paintings, artists according to their personal expertise, improvisational addition;The collective creation of figure painting needs to consider a lot of things, composition, proportion, perspective, style, all need to be carefully designed, therefore, this work seems to be improvised, in fact, the painstaking efforts behind the extraordinary.”Wang Guanqing, the consultant of the art studio, who just participated in the “Ice and Snow Shine Spring Festival” creation activity of Shanghai celebrities to welcome the Winter Olympics organized by Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Associations, is both the advocate and active participant of this activity.He participated in the whole discussion and put forward many opinions and suggestions.On the same day, 91-year-old artist Wang Guanqing came to the studio with a scroll titled “Passion melting ice and snow, Danqing Painters” and inscribed for the Shanghai Character Painting Academy.Passionate artists have expressed that it is the obligatory social responsibility of figure painters to reflect important social events.The 24th Winter Olympic Games will be held in Beijing. It is not only a grand event of the world, but also a great event of the country. I am very happy to participate in such creative activities.Art should reflect life and keep up with The Times. The Winter Olympics is a major landmark event at an important historical juncture in China, and an important opportunity to show China’s national image, promote national development and inspire the national spirit.The artists said that although they are in the south, they can still feel the deep feelings of ice and snow in the Winter Olympics, and feel the fighting spirit of athletes from various countries winning gold MEDALS and constantly breaking through themselves.Editor: Chen Jing