Suining Wanyou CS75 enjoy 12 maintenance for 6 years

2022-04-29 0 By

① Car care free: exclusive – car purchase enjoy 3 years of 6 maintenance ② Special customers exclusive: major customers 2000-5000 yuan subsidy ③ ultra low courtesy: Changan CS75 system comprehensive Ju Hui 30000 yuan ④ Financial gift: enjoy ultra low down payment 4000 yuan / 12 24 36 period zero interest/enjoy low interest at the same time:3%⑤ car worry-free: vehicle warranty for 5 years / 140,000 km (some models enjoy: lifetime warranty of engine core components) ultra low courtesy super benefits welcome to the shop for details.Buy Changan to wanyou, service to the permanent!Interested friends can telephone consultation to buy!