Weifang Kuiwen District Association for Science and Technology “three trips to the countryside” into liuxi Fair

2022-04-29 0 By

Shandong, January 27, January 25, Weifang Kuiwen district culture, science and technology health students “three to the countryside” activities held in the Jinshawo community of 20 Li Bao street Liu Xi Gathering.District science and technology association and affiliated science volunteer service team actively participate in volunteer service, face to face service grassroots people, send science knowledge to the door, let science and technology knowledge into the hearts of the people, let the residents benefit.At the event, the area for the volunteer team to distribute the side of the science of science quality action plan for propaganda handbook of popular science books and materials, such as a total of popular science publicity materials of more than 500 copies, this activity has enriched the grassroots festival culture life, let the knowledge of science and technology more practical, more press close to life, more press close to the masses,It is universally welcomed by the broad masses.Next, district association for science and technology will take the activity as the beginning, “science and technology to the countryside” and “thousands of volunteers of science and technology enterprises in the community, campus,” activities, play to the association for science and technology talents, intelligence intensive, contact a wide range of advantages, focus on for residents of the masses is eps, does the practical work, to improve the scientific quality of the residents.(Correspondent Liu Xinmin) Edited by Zhang Xinyi Reviewed by Yu Sheng