What factors determine the price of a piece of literature and entertainment, whether the value of preservation and appreciation?

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Every lover of literary works hopes that his collection of literary works has value or appreciation.But not everything appreciates.Only those non-renewable or scarce resources, or some quality level will appreciate.There is a popular saying on the Internet: “When you meet something you like, you buy it. The money is not really spent, but changed into another form to accompany you.”Many people in life know to be kind to themselves.The same goes for curio collections.The primary stage into a lot of generic role, is to continue to learn and understand the real thing.To prepare for the purchase of a string of literary masterpieces.Because only fine, treasures can have collection value.The following xiaobian to share a literary collection circle story: this thing let xiaobian today listen to all very envy, there is a leading collector, Mr. Wang Shixiang, he collected a large number of Ming huanghua pear furniture, a large part of which are going through the streets, when collecting junk.Old gentleman says the table that has a piece of yellow flower pear is he takes a pair of electroplated folding chair to change, do not know that electroplated folding chair to return where today, no matter where, used decades, almost scrapped, but that piece of table patted tens of millions however later.Xiaobian combined with excellent online literary collection of articles and their own experience, to talk about what factors determine the price of a literary objects, and whether the value of the factors.The first, of course, is the high scarcity of literary play.For example, hetian seed material, top kind of water jade, all kinds of best aloes, High porcelain high blue turquoise in Hubei raw ore, porcelain white beeswax, chicken oil yellow beeswax, Dominican blue pearl, best pear hainan huanghua pear and other non-renewable and scarce literary objects, because of the scarcity of value added.Second, by the public acceptance of high, cultural heritage of all kinds of fine literary play.Dish plays the kind of literary play has the general product, also has the fine article.If we literary lovers have money and the opportunity to pursue some literary works, of course, the first premise is to the evergreen circle of literary works, is recognized by the literary circle has a certain market of literary works.Not a modern invention.For example, the size of fine king Kong, the best small fengyan, the best literary walnut, the best olive stone and so on.Well, there’s still some market.Third, art objects carved by famous masters in art circles.Jade, nuclear, wood carving.If it is a master carving, even if it is not very good material.It’s also very collectible.What the above points say is the collection appreciation side of literary circle.But for most of us literary lovers, “play” is still our primary purpose.If there is money in hand, the article learning to understand is almost the same, in addition to daily expenses, there are enough circumstances, we can play a collection of fine works, it is not impossible.But no matter what things, as long as we play hard, there will always be a harvest.If you have anything to add or point out.Feel free to share your insights in the comments section.You can also join the discussion in the hashtag # wordplay.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to cloud Bamboo Zen heart (statement: this article is “cloud Bamboo Zen heart” author original, shall not be reproduced without authorization.Do not respect the original behavior we will be held responsible)