Xu shiyou’s granddaughter, a 54-year-old official to senior colonel, keeps a low profile and never reveals her identity

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Family is the basic cell of society and the first school of life.No matter how much time changes, no matter how much life and pattern changes, we should pay attention to the construction of family tradition, pay attention to family, family education, pay attention to family tradition.As zhang Daoqia, a poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, put it: “Clean family style does not stain dust, frost qigu jade spirit.”Family style is not only about family construction, but also about party style and political style.Inheriting and carrying forward the red family tradition has always been the firm choice of communists.Xu Shiyou, as an outstanding Communist party member, is one of the outstanding leaders of our Party.Under the inheritance of general Xu Shiyou’s excellent quality, his granddaughter Xu Daojiang is also like grandpa, through their own efforts, self-reliance and self-improvement, with their own blood reported to the motherland.The revolutionary spirit, three generations of general Xu Shiyou life in China’s revolutionary construction, in his life experienced the War of Resistance against Japan, the war of liberation and many other battles, it can be said that the outstanding achievements.General Xu Shiyou experienced several marriages in his life, and for revolutionary reasons, xu Shiyou did not take too much care of his children.It was not until the late liberation War that Xu Shiyou took his son Xu Guang into his care.Xu Guang was influenced by the revolutionary cause because he had been with his father since childhood.Xu Guang was determined to be engaged in military career since childhood, and was successfully admitted to the naval school when he grew up.In school, Xu Guang self-reliance, self-improvement, to graduation, became an excellent Chinese naval soldiers.In the career of Xu Guang has been cautious and conscientious, but also through their own efforts to successfully achieve the position of the captain, for the Chinese navy at that time made outstanding contributions.Later, because of work transfer, Xu Guang entered the grass-roots to continue the revolutionary cause.At that time, his father Xu Shiyou asked him to join the grassroots, but Xu Guang did not have any objection.In Xu Guang’s view, no matter when and where, it is possible to continue to contribute to the cause of the country.At the time, Mr. Xu wielded great power in Chinese politics.But even xu Guang, who worked at the grass-roots level, never made any demands because of his father’s position.Xu Guang has been silently stick to his post, never abandon.In 1968, Xu Guang’s daughter Xu Daojiang was born.After xu Daojiang was born, under the guidance of his father and grandfather, Xu Daojiang was very interested in the military career since childhood, hoping to follow the footsteps of his grandfather and father and do his part for China’s revolutionary cause.As we all know, the college entrance examination is an important watershed in life, which is related to one’s future, future and even destiny.There is something special about the gaokao system in China.It will be different because of regional differences, and there are different college entrance examination papers and college entrance examination scores.Because of such a special existence, many people will take such an opportunity to take a special shortcut to their fate, so that they can get a better college entrance examination, or even enter a better university.However, When Xu Daojiang was in the college entrance examination, she knew that there were fewer college entrance examination candidates in Nanjing and their scores were also low.So I wanted to take a shortcut like this.At that time, General Xu Shiyou’s status in China was quite high, Xu Daojiang knew that as long as his grandfather’s words, he could have a hukou in Nanjing, also can take the city’s college entrance examination.At that time, Xu Daojiang told his father his idea, even in the heart of Xu Guang was extremely reluctant, but for the future of Xu Daojiang, he had to write to his father Xu Shiyou to explain everything, I hope his father can agree.When Xu Shiyou learned his son and granddaughter’s idea, very angry.In his reply to Xu Daojiang, Xu Shiyou severely criticized the idea of Xu Daojiang and Xu Guang.He told Xu Daojiang, everything can not just think about shortcuts, life has never been a shortcut, can only rely on their own efforts.In this way, after listening to grandpa’s teachings, Xu Daojiang continued to work hard for the college entrance examination.Outstanding achievements, low-key life Xu Daojiang college entrance examination with their own efforts, successfully admitted to the Beijing Military medical college.When He was in college, he became a military doctor after graduation with his own unremitting efforts.After graduation, Xu Daojiang entered the second artillery medical work.Xu Daojiang officially entered the work post, not only in the work of the above very active efforts, and Xu Daojiang also constantly improve their ability.While working, Heo daojiang succeeded in obtaining a master’s degree in military science, and was transferred to the rocket Army health Bureau, and later admitted to a doctor’s degree, she officially became the highest degree of a female officer.In the work before Xu Daojiang, Xu Daojiang actually had also been difficult by the veteran cadres.At that time, xu Daojiang received a veteran cadre, there was a dispute and conflict.During this period, the senior cadres even directly insulted Him, but He did not have any dissatisfaction, but calmly did the follow-up work well.Later, veteran cadres heard the true identity of Xu Daojiang ashamed unceasingly.In order to express their apology, the veteran cadres personally painted a picture to Xu Daojiang and visited the door to apologize, Xu Daojiang did not have a little angry, two people also cleared up the past.Xu Daojiang in his own career development, has been relying on their own efforts, step by step to go further.Xu daojiang has been living a low-key life, now 54 years old, she has reached the rank of senior colonel.Summary: Xu Daojiang has been relying on her own efforts from an ordinary student, step by step to become the first female doctor of military science in China rocket Force.This is because xu Shiyou’s good family tradition teaching and inheritance, is the embodiment of self-reliance and self-improvement of Chinese youth.”To the country for the country, to the world for the world”, one hundred years ago, the Chinese children set up hongzhi to serve the country, do not fear the smoke of artillery fire, forge ahead;Or some people bow to the paperwork, careful study, for the revival of the motherland shed youth blood.Contemporary youth should have the dedication and efforts of xu Daojiang’s predecessors, keep in mind their own mission, and write the national chapter of the new era.