Relationships: The 3 worst questions men and women should never ask in a relationship

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In the relationship between men and women, the love between men and women, not all questions can be asked.You might think that when two people are in a relationship, they can say anything and there’s no need to hide what they’re thinking.Little imagine, the person is independent individual, have oneself privacy and sense of security.This is a comfortable distance between two people.You know what they say, it’s hard to be confused.When two people get along, they don’t need to ask questions, they don’t need to make everything clear and clear.Water to clear, no fish, as long as two people love each other, learn to look forward!Do not immerse in the past, do not immerse in the present, do not immerse in the fear of the unknown.Sometimes, once the rules are broken.Not only does it destroy the beauty of the relationship, it also affects the relationship between two people.So, in real life, what problems should men and women avoid when getting along?How much money a person has has nothing to do with him or her.When two people fall in love, they don’t ask each other how much money they have.Don’t look at other people’s things to make yourself feel safe.In many cases, ask yourself how much you have in savings and how you can increase your wealth.Rather than relying on other people’s savings to determine the trust and authenticity of the relationship.What’s more, the amount of savings each other has little to do with a couple’s romantic happiness.But when asked, a lot of questions can arise about a relationship.For example, if the other party answered the deposit question, and the other party said it was too small, you would think that the other party has a problem.If you have so much money, you will feel that you don’t love yourself.If they refuse to answer, you’ll feel like they’re hiding something from you, putting you in the middle of a lie.To the other person, this kind of question will make the other person feel that you are not interested in the person, but the money.Therefore, it will make two people into a very complicated, very awkward situation.The second: how much you love me between men and women love, two people have been together, and then ask each other how much you love me, there is no great significance.If you do not love you, why together.And when you doubt that love, it is a sign that the relationship is beginning to become unstable.In fact, about loving a person more, not one answer can explain clearly, not one answer can make your heart satisfied.How much a person loves you is shown by action, not by question.This kind of question, will make oneself become humble, also will let the other party think you ask very boring.Love and not love, do not need to speak out directly from the mouth, oneself is completely can feel.If a man loves you very much, hearing such a question from your mouth might chill his heart!So, both men and women need to understand that love requires a sense of trust, rather than questioning the relationship, the love.Third: how many times have you talked about love in the relationship between men and women, the most taboo, the most should not ask is to discuss each other’s past feelings.Let’s say you’ve fallen in love a few times and made a few boyfriends and girlfriends.So ask each other, is not a wise, and the other side of the past really, you can imagine how stupid.In fact, there is no solution to such a problem.Either way, it’s likely to be a hurtful exchange.’In the end, the other party feels innocent and you feel wronged, so why bother?When two people are in love, they should cherish the present and embrace the future instead of entangling with the past.It is said that there is no trouble in the world, love is so, love is beautiful, not to find trouble on the basis of this good, that is not to live up to this fate.