A list of the top 50 a-share gainers in January has been released.

2022-05-01 0 By

Among the top 50 a-share gainers in January, Jinkosolar saw the smallest increase of more than 23.65%, while Huitong Group saw the largest increase of 271.02%.Among them, the top 5 companies with the increase from high to low in January were: Huitong Group 271.02%;Cuiwei shares 148.34%;104.05% haichen Pharmaceutical;Jinglan Technology 75.72%;Jixiang 72.47%;Among them, the top 5 companies in January from high to low sector are: architectural decoration;Retail;Chemical pharmaceutical;Environmental protection;A small metal;The complete data is as follows: Don’t forget, if you think the article is ok, please like it, follow and encourage, your support is my motivation to create, watch important market news and announcements every day.