After seeing Xu Xuan and Li Junrong’s “Men and Women lifting the Ban”, I really want to bring Li Junrong’s big dog back to our house

2022-05-01 0 By

Did you guys finish watching “Man and Woman”?It was online the day before yesterday.Xiaobian first big push a wave, Xu Xuan and Li Junrong played great!!As seen “men and women” the original comic xiaobiang, film content has a very different story line, Li Junrong and Xu Xuan in the case of not losing the character set, the performance of the new “wisdom thick” and “wisdom you” (manga translation female name is wisdom friends), adaptation is really successful.First to explain the plot content, Zheng Zhiyu (Xu Xuan) accident in the company to get Zheng Zhihou’s agent (Li Junrong) package, found his special hobby, Wisdom thick homeopleasure please her “when their owner 3 months”, learning ability is very strong she, also seriously treated her “new pet”.In the drama, Seo Hyeon is the dominant (Dom) and Lee Joon-young is the subservient (Sub). After signing a contract, they train each other once a week and become bolder and bolder each time. Both of them break new ground in acting..In the process, the daily relationship of DS, in fact, and the details of love will have a fit, the feelings extended by the master and servant, is it love?Also let the two protagonists feel confused, coupled with the hero has been hurt, let him hesitate to this love, many emotional details resonate with the audience.There are more props and physical contact in this movie than xiaobian imagined!It’s really worth seeing, xu Xuan and Li Junrong can do this level of dressing up, it’s also eye-opening!If you want to be beautiful, be beautiful