Colorful Zaozhuang people | Wang Xiangyu: cold night police, he bought vegetables “bao Yuan” to let the 70-year-old man go home early

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Editor’s note: This year is the “key work promotion year” of Zaozhuang. In order to reflect the development of Zaozhuang and record the pace of progress, dazhong website · Poster news specially launched “Brilliant, Zaozhuang people!”Large-scale integrated media theme reports focus on digging out typical figures emerging in the “six improvement projects” of industrial economy, investment attraction, innovation ability, business environment, people’s livelihood and welfare, and cadres’ style of work, helping to promote the three-year breakthrough action of “Strengthening the city by industry and revitalizing the city by industry” in depth.News reporter Yuan Peng zhang Zhongwen reports from Zaozhuang

Some time ago, a video of a police officer buying vegetable dumplings and telling a 70-year-old stall owner to go home early became a hot search on Weibo. Recently, a reporter from Volkswagen · Poster News came to the Wenhua Road police Station of The Middle Branch of The Public Security Bureau in Zaozhuang City and saw Wang Xiangyu on duty.Time back to January 13, shizhong district culture road police station received a call from the masses, said shizhong district bibcock market a customer because of buying radish problems and more than 70 years old stall master Wang dispute.After the police patient mediation, the customer and the stall owner reached a reconciliation.After the mediation, police officer Wang Xiangyu decided to buy all the radishes in order to let the couple go home and rest early, and paid some more money to leave the scene.”It just feels like a normal thing.”Wang xiangyu said, as long as each of us give a little love, we will become a more caring city.Li Yujian, deputy director of the Wenhua Road police station, told reporters that Wang Xiangyu has always been a man with a sense of responsibility in his work and a temperature in his life. It is not unexpected that this kind of thing happened to him. His behavior also shows the image of the people’s police in the new era.