How important is Paul to the SUNS?Ayton’s goal doesn’t allow his teammates to celebrate

2022-05-01 0 By

The SUNS beat the Bucks 131-107 in the NBA regular season on Feb. 11.Paul had a 17-point, 19-assist double-double, and it was his second 19-assist game of the season. No one else in the league has done that this season.Just looking at the numbers, you can see how well Paul is doing.And what’s even more impressive is that Paul has a bigger role to play than just the numbers.Ayton, who scored 27 points on 12-of-14 shooting, revealed Paul’s impact on the SUNS in a postgame interview.”Paul was telling the team all night, ‘Don’t celebrate your goal, go back and defend,'” Ayton said.It’s important for a young player to do that.You know, a lot of young players, when they play well in the opening period, it’s easy to get carried away, but there are 48 minutes in the game, not the opening or the half, it’s enough to win.Especially in the dialogue between the strong and the strong, the whole game needs to maintain a high level of concentration, and after the goal is not allowed to celebrate, seize all the time to retreat, such a practice can also keep the attention of the whole team to stay focused.This experience may be shared by many of the older players, but the problem is that not any of the older fans can convince the younger players to listen when they say something similar.Paul’s leadership is reflected in this detail, which is probably why this veteran, already in the twilight of his career, has turned this young SUNS team into a championship contender.