I spent the Spring Festival in the Winter Olympic Village this year

2022-05-01 0 By

January 31, 2022 is the Lunar New Year’s Eve, when people are still immersed in the atmosphere of family reunion, yanqing Winter Olympic Village, a group of people are busy at work, spending a “different New Year’s Eve” in the village.During the Games, the Project team of Yanqing Winter Olympic Village of China Construction First Construction Bureau will be transformed into the operation and maintenance team of the Winter Olympic Village, and continue to stick to the Village, responsible for water supply, power supply, heating and maintenance of the village buildings themselves.And began in advance “three shifts” round-the-clock operation and maintenance work.In order to stabilize the mood of operation and maintenance personnel and ensure the safety and health of employees, the project Department comprehensively improved the standard of accommodation for employees.The team broadcast entertainment programs and events through the school TV, film and other multimedia equipment;Organize daily learning, training, safety education and other activities to enrich employees’ cultural life.At the same time, operation and maintenance personnel will take advantage of school sports facilities to carry out sports exercise and entertainment activities, holding small sports competitions, basketball games, table tennis games, etc., so that team members can better relax themselves and devote themselves to the guarantee.(By Zhao Jinxin and Han Run)