New Year ritual feeling | write Spring Festival couplets cut window flowers, welcome my Chinese New Year

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Contribute | reader:Christy | we most often heard a sentence in the Spring Festival in recent years is likely to be “the festival atmosphere light”, but little is known about the Chinese culture festival atmosphere is of real people, really popular, “hit” culture is the flavor of the customs in, also can call it is Chinese New Year atmosphere,And deeply reflected in firecrackers, Spring Festival couplets, New Year’s Eve dinner and other most representative things in the Spring Festival.”Chinese culture festival atmosphere” is actually the point at which the folk festival atmosphere, one of the most obvious embodiment is families “busy” in ancient times, people, sweeping dust, with necessities, stick in red (Spring Festival couplets, window, door god, etc.), to welcome him and hung a red light, although it hard in opportunities.may still busy, but he is happy at heart,Because in the traditional concept of the Spring Festival is a time for reunion, people always look forward to the New Year, which makes the “New Year flavor” very strong.My Chinese year starts from writing Spring Festival couplets by myself. Every year, I personally write the word “fu” in Spring Festival couplets at home, and paste the words written by myself, especially with a sense of ceremony.Spring Festival couplets write New Year’s wishes, every year a pair of Spring Festival couplets, add up is my heart through the course!Write fu, their door is my best display stage, I can show my literary talent, my handwriting, my attitude to life, my aesthetic, or I and others are not the same!New Year cut window decoration will be prosperous festival richly, beaming.Look at the various paper-cuts I cut, there are New Year size ingots, there are red peonies, there are smiling god of wealth.I choose a relatively simple paper-cut, next year I will try to cut a more difficult paper-cut!Lanterns symbolize family reunion, prosperity and prosperity, as well as happiness, brightness, vitality, completeness and wealth. They can create an atmosphere of happiness and joy.Here, I wish you all a happy and healthy year of the Tiger.Just like the words reflected in the lantern, tiger tiger alive and powerful!In addition to helping to sweep the dust during the Spring Festival this winter vacation, I do housework every day and develop a good habit of doing housework.The “busy Year” is mainly based on the old and new as the theme of the activity, cleaning is the year-end cleaning, known as “sweeping house” in the south, known as “sweeping house” in the north, its intention is to sweep all the “poor luck” and “bad luck” out of the house, consign the Chinese nation a good wish to ward off evil, welcome good luck.Ballad says: “twenty-four, sweep the dust day.”This day every family to clean sanitation, dust dirt cobweb, cleaning all kinds of utensils, unwashing bedding curtains, sweeping six lv courtyard, dredging open channels and trenches.Source | crystal newspaper journalist APP: cao surplus statement: this article, all peer originator if there are sources of errors or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of you, you can through the E-mail contact us, we will be handled in a timely manner.Email address: