【 Recruitment 】 Beijing enterprises of CRRC open recruitment of fresh graduates

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In China car co., LTD in China co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “car” in Chinese) is to develop “Renaissance” emu as a representative product of industrialization of rail transit equipment group, is a leading global scale, variety complete, advanced technology of rail transit equipment suppliers, is bearing the weight of the mission of the revitalization of national high-end equipment manufacturing industry,Bearing the responsibility of building a world-class enterprise.CRRC mainly deals in high-speed emUS, high-power locomotives, railway trucks, urban rail transit vehicles, construction machinery, electromechanical and electronic equipment and components, electronic and electrical equipment and environmental protection equipment, and vigorously develops strategic emerging businesses such as wind power equipment, new energy buses, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection.CRRC has the world’s leading technology platform and manufacturing base for rail transit equipment products. Its products have been exported to 109 countries and regions around the world, and the company is gradually transforming from product export to integrated export of products, technology, service, management and capital.Based on a global vision and focusing on high-end equipment, CRRC is making every effort to build itself into a respected world-class enterprise with rail transit equipment as its core and global competitiveness as a world-class high-end equipment manufacturer and system solution provider.Due to the needs of business development, CRRC enterprises in Beijing are recruiting 11 employees for college graduates at home and abroad.The recruitment is hereby announced as follows: 1. Location of work: Beijing 2. Recruitment requirements: I agree with CRRC corporate culture, and have a strong sense of enterprise dedication and responsibility.Law-abiding, decent style, good conduct, no bad record.Good health, adapt to the post requirements.Strong learning ability, high comprehensive quality, good team spirit, organization, coordination and communication skills and good language expression skills.Applicants should be graduates with master’s degree or doctor’s degree from regular institutions of higher learning in the same year (not including training and orientation, generally should obtain relevant academic degree or degree before the end of July 2022, including graduates of colleges and universities who have not been assigned work units during the two-year job-hunting period).The overseas students who apply for employment include those who work abroad for the first time after returning to China and those who have worked abroad.Master students should not be older than 27, doctoral students should not be older than 35.The age of those with overseas working experience can be appropriately relaxed.All the courses taken by the candidates should be qualified, and they must obtain the degree certificate corresponding to the highest degree upon graduation.The major required for the position is the major corresponding to the highest degree the candidate will obtain.Iii. Selection Scope of Talent Reserve Plan For qualified candidates who meet one of the following conditions will be included in the selection scope of “Talent Reserve Plan” and will be exempted from taking the general ability test. After passing the qualification examination, they will directly participate in the interview assessment.Doctoral students will study in the leading universities in China or the top 50 universities abroad.Master’s degree or master’s degree candidates are enrolled in top 10 universities in China or top 30 universities abroad.The following table lists the positions and majors to be advertised in CRRC Research Institute Co., LTD., CRRC Finance Co., LTD., and CRRC Capital Management Co., LTD. (see company profiles at the end of the article) :CRRC Industrial Research Institute Co., LTD. Number of Positions Education Major Industrial Research 2 PhD/Master degree economics, Business Administration, Enterprise Management, Law and related Professional Technology Research (Electronic circuit Hardware) 2 PhD Automation, Electronic Information, Computer and related professional technology Research (Additive Manufacturing) 1 PhD Mechanical, Mechanics,Material Processing and related Professional Technology Research (Smart Factory) 2 PhD in Mechanical, Material, Robotics, Automation, Computer and related majorsBusiness management and related professional car capital management co., LTD., the number of jobs in the 2 Po/masters degree professional investment management economics, finance, law and other related professional five, recruitment process, in accordance with the principle of openness, fairness, justice and merit to take online registration, qualification, ability testing, interview assessment main program, agreement, etc.Online registration adopts online registration.Candidates can scan the QR code or click the registration link (attached) to log in the recruitment platform to register their accounts, fill in their resumes online, and upload their academic transcripts, foreign language transcripts, award certificates and other attachments to apply for the positions.Each person can apply for a maximum of 2 positions (for different units).Registration time: 24:00, Mar. 26 – April 15, 2022.Qualification examination The applicants shall be qualified according to the recruitment conditions, and the candidates shall be selected to participate in the general ability test.Competency test Candidates who pass the qualification examination take a general competency test.Persons included in the range of excellence are exempt from the general competency test.Those who have passed the interview will participate in the interview and comprehensive quality assessment. The time and place of the interview will be notified separately.Due to the epidemic, overseas applicants can participate in the interview via video.Sign the agreement by interviewing the evaluator and signing the relevant agreement.6. Other Matters Applicants should bring their id cards, educational certificates, degree certificates, transcripts, certificates of professional qualification, training certificates, certificates of honor and other proof materials (original and photocopy respectively) when participating in the interview.Candidates can click on the “delivery record” to check the progress of resume delivery.Contact Person: Ms. Yuan Tel: 010-51862079 Registration link (PC) : Zhongche2022.zhaopin.comCRRC Research Institute Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “CRRC Research Institute”) is an extension, supporting and directly subordinate institution of CRRC science and Technology innovation management, as well as a public resource service platform of CRRC Science and Technology innovation.It has been certified as “national High-tech Enterprise” and “Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise”.Founded in April 2013, it was registered in Fengtai District, Beijing in August 2014, and began its materialized operation. In June 2015, it was renamed CRRC Industrial Research Institute Co., LTD.In April 2020, a branch of CRRC Industrial Research Institute (Qingdao) Co., LTD was established in Qingdao National High-speed Train Innovation Center.CRRC Research Institute strives to lead THE CRRC industry, takes strategy and market as the driving force, takes cross-border and integration as the carrier, takes “support service” as the model, and focuses on serving CRRC and its subsidiaries.Mainly responsible for CRRC macroeconomic, policies and regulations, market environment, development strategy, industrial development, management innovation research and consultation, information intelligence services;Undertake the research on THE development strategy and planning of CRRC technology, organize the research and development of forward-looking, basic and generic technologies and industry core technologies, as well as the transfer and transformation of technological achievements;Responsible for the planning and construction of CRRC product technology platform;Responsible for CRRC strategic product “exploration generation, pre-research generation” product development capacity building;Lead THE R&D resources of CRRC, centrally manage national R&D institutions, overseas R&D centers, research institute branches, various joint innovation institutions and other science and technology innovation-related organizations other than the innovation center, and assume the main responsibility of investment of public resources of CRRC science and technology innovation such as innovation center;Focus on the research of CRRC science and technology development planning, science and technology strategy and technology and economy, become the main body of science and technology information service, and build a THINK tank for CRRC to provide strong support for the realization of the goal of “double production and one cultivation”.CRRC Finance Co., LTD is the first licensed non-bank financial institution of CRRC Group, with a registered capital of 2.2 billion yuan.The business scope of the company is to provide financial and financing consulting, credit authentication and related consulting and agency services to member units.Assist member units to realize the receipt and payment of transaction funds, approved insurance agency business;To provide guarantee for the member units;To handle entrusted loans among its members;Handling bill cashing and discount for member units;Handle the internal transfer settlement among member units and design corresponding settlement and settlement schemes;To absorb deposits of its members;Handling loans and financial leasing for member units;Engage in inter-bank lending;Underwrite corporate bonds of its members;Portfolio investment (except stock and trust investment).CRRC Capital Management Co., LTD was established on January 8, 2016 with a registered capital of 2.5 billion yuan.The company takes THE capital management and capital operation platform of CRRC as its basic positioning, focuses on the core business of CRRC, strategic emerging industries and their industrial chain, continuously summarizes and enrichis the coordinated development mode of “industry + capital”, and promotes the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, merger and reorganization, production capacity cooperation and transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements.The company has established extensive capital cooperation with national ministries and commissions, central enterprises and industrial chain leading enterprises in equity direct investment, private equity funds and other levels, and is committed to becoming a well-known domestic equity investment institutions and capital operation platform for the head industry of central enterprises.———— / END / ———— Editor | Lang Yuan Executive Editor | Liu Haicao | Zhang Haoran Content source | CRRC