Suqian Siyang: Agricultural development “accelerated run” rural revitalization has sufficient momentum

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On January 26, the provincial Committee of rural Work conference was held in Nanjing, and the good news came from the scene. Siyang County of Suqian city was once again awarded the first grade of the provincial rural revitalization strategy performance assessment at the county level.Since 2021, Siyang has closely adhered to the general requirements of “20 characters” for rural revitalization, systematically planned and innovated, established a working mechanism of “Five Major revitalization” special teams and county leaders’ contact points, arranged 36 key tasks in 6 categories and 16 reform items in 3 categories, and deepened the promotion mechanism of “weekly meeting, monthly scheduling and seasonal observation”.It has effectively promoted agricultural efficiency, farmers’ income and rural beauty. It has been approved for two national pilot projects of jointly creating agricultural and rural modernization by the ministry and the province, and three provincial pilot projects of “Internet Plus” project of moving agricultural products out of villages and into cities.Consolidating the “Three Foundations” to strengthen the support of modern agriculture to consolidate the foundation for stable production and supply, the implementation of grain storage on land and grain storage on technology strategy, grain production “18 consecutive harvest”, pig inventory exceeded the municipal target task, approved the provincial high standard farmland quality improvement pilot county.Consolidating the quality foundation of the industry, expanding and strengthening the “223” industry, 41 major agricultural projects were started in the whole year, and the investment of 2.74 billion yuan was completed. 3 provincial agricultural leading enterprises were newly added. Hualu Biological became the first agricultural enterprise in The city to be listed in The A-share market, and “Siyang Fresh Peach” was listed in the provincial characteristic agricultural products advantage area.Consolidate the platform carrier foundation, actively promote the construction of cold chain food industrial park, vigorously develop modern agricultural industrial park with township characteristics, and jointly build “1+6+N” industrial pattern with the Development Zone and 6 township characteristic parks. The Development zone has been approved as a national rural entrepreneurial park.Implementation of “three project” to improve the quality of rural connotation beautiful rural construction projects, improve the construction of rural villages as a whole pays special attention to the characteristics and the farmhouse, selected 12 ChongDian Village pilot choose a “ticket”, bidding, beautiful countryside JianChengLv first, in the city bi beach village was named the group of 8 provinces characteristics of rural village, zhuang beach brake selected the first batch of provincial water conservancy heritage,Won the province’s rural living environment renovation comprehensive assessment of the first class.The project to establish demonstration towns and villages was carried out, and the county government set up a special fund of 200 million yuan for rural revitalization to support industrial development, rural construction, reform and innovation. Six pilot towns and seven pilot villages were selected in the first batch, and 183 projects were completed, with a total investment of 2.776 billion yuan.We carried out supporting infrastructure projects, improved infrastructure such as the “four good rural roads” and the upgrading of rural water supply networks. A total of 430 kilometers of rural roads were upgraded, 108 kilometers of roads were upgraded to black color, and 167 village-level sewage treatment facilities were built.Focus on strengthening the village and enriching the people, improve the two mechanisms of dynamic management and long-term help and promotion, implement 120 help and promotion projects in the area, with a capital of 108 million yuan. The village collective operating income of more than 500,000 yuan accounted for 43.26% of the total, and the per capita disposable income of farmers increased by 11.6% year on year. Focus on spatial governance.We promoted comprehensive land improvement, the removal of homestead sites, and the promotion of leisure and production in townships and parks. We carried out innovative work to determine and certify village collective land management rights, recovered collective resources of 118,000 mu and assets of 253,400 square meters, and increased village income by 268,000 yuan.Focusing on harmonious and good governance, the “1+3+1” five-network integrated rural governance model has been innovated and the “five-red point system” community management experience has been promoted in the whole province. Yanwei Village has been awarded the “National Village-level Innovation Experimental Unit for Discussion and consultation” and approved as the fourth round of provincial rural reform experimental zone.Innovation “three reforms” exciting development of endogenous power resources, revitalize the reform, to advance the second batch of national pilot reform of the system of house-site in the countryside and the comprehensive improvement of the whole land field pilot work, improve the new registration issued by the city the farmhouse village resettlement community across property rights “first pass”, ringing the city’s farmhouse for choosing a “first hammer”,Issued the province’s “first” agricultural housing mortgage loan.We made the ecological corridor along the old Yellow River a demonstration platform for the simultaneous and integrated reform of modernization, industrialization, and industrialization. We vigorously implemented the “Ten thousand trillion” project, stimulated the influx of private capital from central enterprises and other enterprises, and upgraded new forms of business such as smart agriculture and processing and logistics. 40 municipal projects were listed ahead of schedule.We innovated the reform of financial supply, carried out the pilot construction of rural credit system, took the lead in the pilot implementation of farmers’ “credit” for “loan” business in the province, and promoted the registration, confirmation and certification of agricultural facilities in the whole city.2022, the county will seriously implement the central, provincial and municipal rural work conference spirit, adhere to the priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas, the party leads to fundamental, rushed to carry oriented, driven by reform and innovation, promote agricultural modernization, promoting high quality and efficiency of agriculture and rural livable appropriate industry, rich farmers rich.(xu)