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Innovation is the primary driving force for development, and only high-quality development can better meet people’s ever-growing needs for life.Shandong caoxian county people’s hospital from the original small incision vasectomy to fill the blank of the provincial medical technology, from the humanistic caring service brand to 8 s lean management, benchmarking from wisdom leads the development of hospital to discipline construction by leaps and bounds, from unknown junior to pilot county hospitals across the country, which embody the innovation of the new generation of gene,All witnessed the development of the legend of Cao Medicine.Fusion of “Cao medicine gene”, an innovative technology to create a sensation, to do good work, must first sharpen its tools.The dean, Dr. Li Song, believes that this “tool” is innovation.Lift surgery, lets a person associate to the first long incision and rough scar, in order to reduce the pain of the subject, and saves the manpower, and in general township hospitals will be able to carry out, cao medical surgical discipline leaders, attending physician Yang Fengsheng led small incision suture not cao medical people in the research of vasectomy.From December 18, 1963 to January 28, 1965, a total of 2711 cases of vasectomy were performed, and the preliminary results were obtained. In 1965, an important surgical academic paper was published in the 4th Issue of Shandong Medicine magazine — “Analysis of 2711 cases of vasectomy with small incision without suture”.By the provincial department of health, national health leaders and many experts and scholars at home and abroad unanimously affirmed.Under the leadership of Yang Fengsheng, the surgical team pioneered “small-incision vasectomy” and won the first prize of Scientific and technological achievements in Shandong Province. Later, it was promoted to the whole country and had a great influence both at home and abroad.At this point, Cao County People’s Hospital began to improve the clinical, teaching, scientific research function of the prelude, established the status of the regional medical center.Dr Li, a rapidly emerging disciplines, interprets the “cao d speed” since 2019, the vice President of the caoxian county people’s hospital of, total, director of respiratory and critical care medicine, discipline leaders, m.d., chief physician, supervisor of postgraduate yun-cheng li led the medical person with breathing and critical bundled cao construction development, and communities in adhere to the road of specialization development,Bold innovation in technology, not only created the most excellent PCCM team in China’s county, but also passed the national PCCM standardized evaluation in 2021, promoting the rapid development of respiratory discipline, making discipline construction in line with international standards.The new development of bundled respiratory and critical care medicine has opened a new chapter in the intervention of pulmonary diseases, and also brought the management of chronic respiratory diseases on the basis of information to a new stage.Dr. Yuncheng Li presided over the construction of an independent respiratory endoscopy center, which can complete more than 20 operations a day.The independent RICU Respiratory Intensive Care Unit (RICU) enables the discipline to achieve a high success rate in critical care.The high-quality multidisciplinary consultation center and remote consultation center have complete functions, realizing the maximum integration of resources and advantages of various subjects, which not only improves the quality of diagnosis and treatment, but also fundamentally reduces the medical costs, greatly improves patients’ medical experience, and enables patients to get the most effective and timely diagnosis and treatment services.At the same time, it has also built a well-functioning big data management system for chronic respiratory disease based on information technology, which is connected with the national basic public health service project platform and can track and manage the whole life cycle of all patients in the county. Through statistical analysis of data, clinical practice can be guided.The powerful lung rehabilitation room also provides seamless connection services for patients, realizing integrated management of prevention and control, diagnosis and treatment and rehabilitation, improving patients’ quality of life and reducing mortality.Moreover, they have built and perfected the respiratory and sleep medical center, which has carried out the diagnosis and treatment of various respiratory and sleep disorders.Nowadays, The respiratory discipline of Cao Medicine has been widely known in the respiratory circle in China.In October 2021, Li Yuncheng was awarded the National Discipline Leader Award jointly by China’s health industry and China’s county media, and the PCCM he established was awarded the Top ten Clinical Specialty Award.Innovating 8S lean management system, casting “Cao Medical quality” is difficult in the world, must do in easy;The affairs of the world must be done in detail.In 2017, Cao Hospital introduced lean thinking and empowered the hospital with high-quality development through 8S lean management.They distributed the book of Lean hospital management practice to each cadre, and incorporated the construction of lean hospital into the “master” project, so as to improve the organizational structure, clarify the management responsibilities, improve the system and standards, and implement the implementation plan.The focus is to promote the concept of lean management and carry out the “Promotion of Lean Management Theme year” activity, with one theme for each year and one outstanding problem for each year, so that the concept of Lean management can be solidified into the working habits of every employee.Promote lean management tools, establish 8S management model departments, set up benchmarking, promote experience throughout the hospital;Promote lean management culture, so that the hospital 8S management from the simple management of goods, to improve staff quality, medical quality, and gradually form a hospital characteristic culture.At the same time, we deepen operation management, connotation and quality, lean achievements, and long-term mechanism, achieving the “five synchronization” of “synchronous planning, synchronous implementation, synchronous management, synchronous inspection, synchronous reward and punishment”, which stimulates the enthusiasm of employees and maximizes the potential of the department.On May 25, 2018, the Chinese hospital 6S Management Alliance led by AvIC Hospital Association and Aviation General Hospital was established in Beijing. Cao Yi was honored to be recommended as the vice chairman of the board as a county-level hospital, and Li Song was elected as the vice chairman.In December of the same year, Cao Medical Became the first member unit of the alliance to pass the standard audit.In December 2020, it became the first member of the alliance established through bronze medal in China, which has attracted wide attention in the industry.Now the “lean seed” sown by Cao Doctor has taken root, and the “lean flower” is proudly blooming.Short years, cao d 8 s management application matures, increasingly rich, has obtained the hospital, county, city, union, application, and the domestic many important results, even in seven national first: the first to “sorting, reorganization, cleaning, specification, quality, safety, saving, learning” the eight program for the topic content “8 s lean management;The country’s first and currently the only county-level hospital which is the vice chairman of China 6S Management Alliance;The first company in China to become a member of the alliance that passed the standard audit and the bronze medal;The country’s first county with full coverage of medical and health care institutions at all levels;The country’s first county-level medical and health care institution S manages a prefecture-level city with full coverage;The first to apply S management to makeshift hospital in China and won the national case Competition;The first case of 8S lean management improvement in China has won gold and silver MEDALS in various national competitions within the Alliance, which is known as the “Cao Mode of medicine”.Promoting high-quality development is a fundamental requirement for defining development ideas and formulating development plans at present and for some time to come.There is no doubt that innovation is the best navigation instrument for hospitals to step into the future. Its goal is all-round high-quality development, improving medical quality and safety, and innovating medical service connotation and methods.With full policy and high benchmark, we seek vitality in innovation, solve problems with new ideas, release new impetus for hospital development with high standard construction, and run the “acceleration” of high-quality development. Li Songzheng depicts a panoramic picture of entrepreneurship, reform and innovation with a pen like rafters.Written by wang Xianhua and Zhang Wenya