Jiang Ge mother v. Liu Xin second trial sentencing Liu Xin response

2022-05-02 0 By

The second trial of Jiang’s mother’s lawsuit against Liu Xin began Wednesday morning.Before the first trial and sentencing did not appear in court liu Xin court today to participate in litigation.Appellant Liu Xin has been renamed Liu X xi.After nearly four hours of trial, the court adjourned for a scheduled sentencing.Court hearing scene, Liu Xin thinks he does not have fault, should not bear civil compensation responsibility.Before the trial, Liu xin said: “For five years, I have always thought that the truth will come out. I have been waiting for it, but I have been desperate again and again. I have always tried to avoid being ‘Liu Xuezhou’.”(Editing by Lu Jun, Intern Editing by Ni Junyi)