Who is your Muse in one Piece?For fame or for looks?

2022-05-02 0 By

# “one piece” in the appearance of girl who is your goddess # in time online, to say the first must be a little thief cat na beauty, luffy invited the first crew, not only have minds, more beautiful, have high talent, sailing or luffy precious straw hat only with girls, and it is has been in a state of peak and the plot level online appearance,Whether it is the beginning of the little nami, or two years ago and two years after the state, has always been online, two years ago was cute, two years later become mature sexy;No fame, it must be a female emperor, the emperor is not only a level in appearance, or the king of the girl country, swagger and force value, the explicit expression of luffy, luffy’s official CP is worth mentioning that in and the appearance of small purple, is referred to as “pretty woman”, and because of the isolation, the outside is a mermaid princess, disposition is timid, the size,Super beautiful, but also has the ability to summon the sea king class, is every 100 years can summon the sea King class “king” pirate king, which is your goddess?