Arrogant fugitive Ji Shiguang: 13 years on the run as an actor, shot more than 40 plays before being discovered

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It is said that “the big is hidden in the city”, but who would have thought that such a Taoist philosophy would be used by a fugitive from justice.Even if he didn’t change his name and live in seclusion in the mountains, this man even changed his name and entered the show business.Yes, this man is Ji Shiguang. Before he was arrested, he used the name zhang Guofeng for a long time. He even won the best Supporting Actor Award at the 2008 Chinese Opera Festival with this name.For a moment, actually do not know that he should say that he is wise as a fool, or blatant provocation of the bottom line of the law.Ji shiguang took 13 years to complete. After his arrest, netizens once called him “the most powerful fugitive in history.”Not to mention, it’s really strong.From a shoplifter with a showstopper to a con artist to a mugger with a word of disagreement.Finally to the award-winning actor, Ji Shiguang this crossover span is really not generally large.Ji Shiguang “Life is like a drama, all depends on acting, but there is one rule, abide by the law and discipline”, this sentence not only Ji Shiguang will keep in mind, is the people, can also be regarded as a warning quote.In 1972, Ji Shiguang was born to an ordinary family in Qiqihar city, Heilongjiang Province.Both parents were law-abiding good citizens who supported their family by doing odd jobs. Life wasn’t so good, but it was getting by.Ji’s parents didn’t pay much attention to him, perhaps because they were busy making a living.Ji Shiguang when Ji Shiguang graduated from high school and said he did not want to continue studying, his parents were shocked, but they also felt normal, after all, Ji Shiguang’s academic performance is not outstanding, even not excellent.When young men go out into the world, they find that it is not as easy as they thought.In the past, Ji shiguang always thought that one day he would make a lot of money and impress everyone.Unfortunately, when looking for a job, only to find that they can do the work is not much, but most of them are more output, less money.(non Ji Shiguang) can not find a suitable job, Ji Shiguang simply began to feel at ease when a “rice worm”, no money to his parents to reach out.The day is so mixed mixed, twinkling of an eye Ji Shiguang arrived in his twenties.The parents could no longer bear to see their son who did nothing but ask for money.So his parents began to urge Ji shiguang to find a proper job and live a decent life.I don’t know where Ji Shiguang comes from, he always thinks he is a talent, want to make money is a very easy thing.”My friend was making $100 a day, and I was about to make a lot of money, just not at the right time.”Young people in the 1980s and 1990s should know that a hundred yuan in the early 1990s was very valuable, and if a person could earn thousands of yuan a month, it was very important.Ji Shiguang, who lives at home all day eating and waiting for death, makes 100 yuan a day between his mouth and his mouth, which sounds like a joke.His parents were worried when they saw that a dead pig was not afraid of boiling water.It is a good age in his early twenties, how can his son be so unsatisfactory?From the initial softhearted to finally bored, his father finally lost his temper and gave Gi-Shiguang an ultimatum.In the 80’s and 90’s young Ji Shiguang listened to his father’s threat, don’t find a job to move out from home, the heart also “miso” to fire.Emotional head, Ji Shi moved out of the home angrily, completely become a social idler.It’s easy to get bad at times like this.Is the so-called “flies do not bite seamless eggs”, young, idle, is the preferred target of some groups.In the 1980s and 1990s, a group of young people got together to think about how to make a small fortune, and they came up with something.Although per capita income was not high at that time, there were many ways to make money.Ji Shiguang followed his friends to resell the “glass socks” and “electronic watches” from the south to the north and made a good profit.But, ultimately, it was not a serious business, and the income was not stable.Reselling business several young men together have no concept of saving money, when they earn money is to eat and drink, when they do not earn money can only starve.So, spurred on by hunger, Ji Shiguang finally turned to crime.Yes, he did not wake up to this, to find a job, used to earn “quick money” Ji Shiguang, began to move a crooked idea.If Ji Shiguang was able to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry, perhaps his criminal experience was related to it.Ji shiguang’s first crime was on a bus when he stole the wallet of his aunt next to him, intending to feast on the money.Despite the internal panic of ten thousand horses galloping, Ji Shiguang face or pretend to chat with others calmly.Also do not know is aunt reaction too slow, or Ji Shiguang performance too superb, until Ji Shiguang get off, aunt did not find himself lost his wallet.In order to satisfy his “desire to perform” and pretend to be more like an ordinary passenger, Ji shiguang did not quickly leave the scene, but slowly got off the bus.In the 80s and 90s, the bus stole other people’s property for the first time so smoothly, and the theft was naturally added to his “get rich plan” by Ji Shiguang.Aunt purse in the money is not little, Ji Shiguang is very satisfied with his risky behavior to bring the “fruit of victory”.Return to spend what heart thought how to make money, this is not a place in front of the “way to make money”!It is really the old saying: “Learn well is not easy, learn bad once slip away”.Since that day, Ji shiguang has never had a real job.Ji Shiguang theft again and again successfully, making Ji Shiguang courage to become more big, soon, Ji Shiguang began not to meet.Burglary is a matter of luck, and sometimes the purse may not contain much money.So, Ji Shiguang derived a new “way to make money” – porcelain.In order to be able to successfully cheat the money, Ji Shiguang’s acting can be said to be perfected.Even if the victim knew ji shiguang was deliberately extorting money, there was usually nothing he could do about it.At that time, there was not so much monitoring and the network was not developed. Most people who met Ji Shiguang thought they were unlucky.Ji Shiguang incarnated as “outlaw fanatics”, frantically in the edge of prison repeatedly test.He didn’t care much about the consequences of his arrest because he was confident that his technique and acting skills were in place and that he wouldn’t “roll over”.They only encourage each other to steal and cheat more, and none of them persuade others to stop before it is too late.Ji Shiguang however, not every theft can be successful.After another day of unsuccessfully stealing, Ji shiguang and his friends were ready to go big.”Want to grab one?”I don’t know who was the first to open the mouth, we all think this proposal is good, simple, rough, rob the money to eat.On December 8, 1998, Gil se-gwang and his friends, who had been hungry all day, finally made a crime escalation.Robbery who also did not think, as a joke general things will really happen in real life.A few people who want to commit the crime by night begin to look for a target, they want to find a person who looks rich and good rob “start”.Of all the people, they locked on to a woman who looked fragile.They quietly followed the woman behind, thinking that they were doing very clever, in fact, had already been detected by the woman in front of the abnormal, the woman quickened her pace to a man’s side.The police of this case is seeing don’t start again have no opportunity, everyone rush on, grabbed the woman’s satchel bag.The man next to the woman reacted immediately and ran after them.Seeing that the man was about to overtake them, Ji’s two accomplices, Surnamed Li and Liu, took out a dagger and stabbed the woman.Robbery was a bad crime, stabbing was a worse crime, but they had to take desperate risks to get away.Ji Shiguang woman fell in a pool of blood, the man really can not continue to chase them, can only hurriedly send the woman to the hospital.This knife stabbed the vaginal damage, the woman’s spinal nerve fell to grade 8 disability, leaving an indelible scar.Lucky escape of a few people do not know that they have caused a great disaster.The man chasing them was Yang Lin, a police detective, and the woman stabbed was Yang Lin’s wife.In public, such criminals can not be connived at, in private, this hurt his wife’s beam is closed.After several investigations, local police finally succeeded in arresting Li and Liu.And Ji Shiguang had been scared when the incident, even dirty have no points, the night on the train to escape the south.Where to have what brotherly loyalty at this time, catastrophe is imminent left only respective fly.When Ji shiguang arrived in Jiangsu province, he could not help calling his former friends to ask about the situation.”Run as far as you can,” the caller ordered, and contact was cut.Ji Shiguang was afraid to go back to his hometown again, because before this sentence, he heard the news that he could not accept.Due to robbery, assault police, wounding and other crimes and punishment, Li and Liu have been sentenced to death according to law.Who would have thought that the “friends” who had talked and talked and committed crimes had become death row prisoners in an instant.Ji shi-gwang congratulated himself for running fast, but at the same time he was afraid that Lee and Yoo were sentenced to death.All the way, Ji Shiguang finally landed in Shenzhen, also began his fugitive career.The mill of God had learned his lesson, and Ji Shiguang did not dare to commit crimes any more.To survive, Ji shiguang spent 500 yuan on a fake ID card, yes, the “Zhang Guofeng” he had been using for years.Later, Under the name of “Zhang Guofeng”, Ji Shiguang began to sell alcohol and sing in various bars and KTV.Ji Shiguang after all or in the mind ghost, Ji Shiguang often woke up in the middle of the night, if heard the siren, no matter what to do, will subconsciously want to escape.In order not to expose his identity to be caught, Ji Shiguang began to seriously play the role of “Zhang Guofeng”.He tried hard to hide his north-eastern accent, pretending to be “Zhang Guofeng”.KTV often police inspection, unexpectedly honed his acting skills.In the boundless harbor film, a sentence “the more dangerous the place is safer” inspired him, and began to operate against the sky.Encounter the police he did not hide, but take the initiative to gather together to ask relevant matters, and actively cooperate.At that time the network is not developed, Ji Shiguang this operation every time can let their safety “clearance”.After a long time, Ji Shiguang was really not afraid.But ji shiguang was so thoughtful that he began to save money to have plastic surgery for himself.Cosmetic surgery several fine-tuning down, he and “Zhang Guofeng” completely integrated.Jishiguang completely lost the nerve, he firmly believes that no one will recognize themselves.So, he began to high-profile KTV activities, with a skilled Cantonese, Ji Shiguang with the name “Zhang Guofeng” fell in love.The day seems to calm down, only Ji Shiguang himself know, that sentence “how far to run how far” like a magic spell, from time to time out to torture him.In 2002, Ji Shiguang’s KTV business was worse than before.Group play to think about, Ji Shiguang went to Hengdian with others, looking for a new way out.Years of fugitive career let Ji Shiguang acting natural, this group of play when actually very smooth.From the “background board” with no lines to the “Little Dragon set” with a line, Ji Shiguang began his acting career.Ji Shiguang would go to whatever work there was in the cast, as long as it was people. Then, one after another, Ji Shiguang really became a good seedling of acting.Ji Shiguang saw even if his TV identity was not exposed, Ji Shiguang began to be more bold.He began to push for more roles than just passing scenes on television.By 2007, Ji shiguang, 34, had appeared in more than 20 films and TV shows.Gil se-gwang got the chance to play the supporting role of Seong-hyang in Lurk with his accumulated contacts over the years.Ji Shiguang acting have to say, Ji Shiguang’s acting is really online, after this role, his play more up.Ji shiguang has appeared in more than 40 films and TV series, and his life has become so rich that he has forgotten that he is still a fugitive.Fortunately, though, in December 2011, Ji shiguang’s day came to an end.The police finally found that the so-called “Zhang Guofeng” is Ji Shiguang!Ji shiguang’s 13-year run came to an end when he was finally captured by police on December 7, 2011.Ji shiguang is very calm, no one knows what was going on in his mind at that time.In 2012, the Tiefeng District People’s Court in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang province, sentenced Ji shiguang to 10 years in prison, deprived of his political rights for one year and fined him 200,000 yuan.Crime pays, whether you’re a fugitive or a celebrity.Ji Shiguang was released from prison in 2019 with a reduced sentence after good behavior in prison.Redeemed after the air is free, Ji Shiguang cherish such a life, he does not have to play “Zhang Guofeng”, also said that he is very sorry to have done everything.Now, Ji shiguang has changed his real name and opened a social media account to share his life, saying he will always be a law-abiding citizen.I hope Ji shiguang will not go back to his old ways. After all, he is already in his 40s and should do his duty to his parents.