Chaoshan station ushered in the Spring Festival travel peak, before the station important information in advance

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With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, many visitors to chaoshan area to visit relatives and play embark on the return journey.The reporter learned from Chaoshan Station of Xiamen-Shenzhen high-speed Railway that chaoshan station ushered in the return passenger flow peak from the afternoon of February 5th. On February 6th, Chaoshan Station is expected to send 39,000 passengers, and on February 7th, Chaoshan Station is expected to send 35,000 passengers, and the peak passenger flow began to decline from February 8th.It is reported that in order to improve passengers’ waiting experience, Chaoshan Station has officially opened a new more spacious and comfortable, beautiful and generous south station room since January 21 this year.At present, according to the actual situation of the traffic supporting construction of the front square of the South Station, chaoshan Station passenger transport organization temporary “south in north out” mode, that is, passengers enter the south station by bus, and passengers arrive at the north station from the north station.To chaoshan station by bus passengers, need to go to the south station to take a bus, bus can direct to the south station, self-driving can also be revealed according to the road guide to the south station.Recently, the local government has arranged four buses to ferry passengers back and forth between the north and south stations during the peak period of passenger flow. Passengers in need can take the bus free of charge under the guidance of the staff.Chaoshan station south station waiting hall equipped with more than 2300 seats.Chaoshan Station warm reminder: it is the peak of passenger flow recently, there are many cars outside the station, which is easy to cause congestion. It is recommended that passengers arrange their departure time reasonably and arrive at the station 2 hours in advance.According to the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, passengers are required to cooperate with temperature and code checking when entering the station, and wear masks all the time after boarding the train.Text source: Chaoshan Station of Xiamen-Shenzhen High-speed Railway Photo source: Nanfang +