The BMW 6 Series is expected to be revived in 2026 and is also expected to be available in four or two-door versions

2022-05-03 0 By

Recently, we obtained the latest news of the all-new BMW 6 series from relevant sources. Although the series has been completely discontinued before, according to BMW’s latest product planning, the new car may be revived again in 2026, and will launch both the four-door and two-door coupe products.The BMW 6 Series was a coupe product positioned between the 5 series mid-size sedan and the 7 Series luxury sedan, but the series was discontinued with the introduction of the 8 Series.However, in a recent interview with foreign media, BMW executives revealed the latest news that the 6 series may be revived in 2026.Not much has been known about the upcoming revival of the all-new BMW 6 Series, which is expected to be introduced in a convertible version as well as two – and four-door models.Powertrain, there may be fuel, plug-in and pure electric models.