The high quality development of Yuelu education has been boosted by the combination of science and education

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New Hunan client On February 12 – February 11, Changsha city education conference was held.Wang Yan, secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Education Bureau of Yuelu District, made a typical speech on the topic of “Promoting the high-quality development of Yuelu Education by combining science with Education”.Yuelu District attaches great importance to the important decision of “double reduction”. Under the correct guidance of the education bureau of Yuelu District, in order to achieve high-quality development of education, yuelu District is exploring the implementation of the “double reduction” in four places.First, when the anxiety is reduced, the reform consensus is gathered to relieve the anxiety of education and gather the consensus of education, which is a strong guarantee to promote the in-depth development of reform. Yuelu District should strengthen ideological understanding, strengthen organization and leadership, and create a strong working atmosphere.1. Strong guarantee “district government will build consensus” ShuangJian “as the key work to grasp, set up special coordination group and work team, the formation of” linkage “government-led, department cooperation, various working pattern, the district education, the city prison, the public security departments such as efficient linkage, carries out the responsibility, comprehensive ShiCe, formed a strong work force.2. Multiple mechanisms to ensure consensus to formulate the implementation plan of “double reduction” work, simultaneously introduce five reform systems of operation management, education evaluation, supervision, aesthetic education and labor education, construct the “1+N” policy system, and promote the “big change” of education mode with the “small incision” of double reduction.3. Promote consensus propaganda “to strengthen the propaganda guidance and policy, in the” fingertip yuelu “” yuelu education” WeChat public, open column, promote reform of the new policy, new measures, guide the whole society widely reform consensus formation, related working experience in the work of hunan, the hunan education express “changsha communication” journal of changsha to love.Yuelu District is in line with changsha’s concept of “reducing the burden scientifically, improving the quality and increasing the efficiency”, practicing the educational reform path of “reducing the burden and improving the quality and promoting the five education simultaneously”, focusing on the central task of “reducing the burden of homework” and striving to improve the quality of classroom teaching.Around the “three full” power: 1. The whole chain “tube job to explore the implementation of” being a good administrator, subject teachers being a good designer, being a good supervisor, parents continue to play an good co-ordinator, class teachers association, accused of “five member of the management mechanism, focus on” total control, optimal design and quality “, students’ homework decreased significantly, homework selectivity, interesting, practical.2. “Improve the quality from a full perspective” Make full use of wisdom education to empower students to grow, innovate the “three interests and three forms of classroom”, build the “normal, cloud and life” teaching mode, fully stimulate students’ interest in learning, cultivate students’ scientific interest and interest, improve teaching efficiency, and let students learn well in school.All-round “education” students adhere to the “five education”, do solid school planning, strengthen the campus culture construction, promote “cultural people”.We should pay attention to the “five management” and carry out the “three Division” action plan on a pilot basis to protect students’ physical and mental health.Promote the “sports and Arts 2+1” project, and actively organize characteristic activities to promote the comprehensive quality of students.Yuelu district teenagers won the first place in total scores and gold MEDALS in the city 10th Olympic Games.Yuelu District follows president Xi Jinping’s requirement of “someone should be able to pick up children after school”, so as to improve after-school service level, standardize after-school training behavior in an all-round way, and strive to realize people’s expectation for a better education.Adhere to the “three” coordination: 1. Systematic “strong governance innovation” set up “yuelu District off-campus training institutions comprehensive supervision platform”, using the “rolling transfer” pre-collection tuition supervision mode, to prevent and solve the risk of running a school, subject training institutions reduced rate reached 85%.We deepened governance of off-campus training institutions, organized “winter vacation offensive” and other centralized rectification actions, and reduced the number of students attending off-campus training from 15,600 to 6,400, effectively reducing the “off-campus training fever”.2. “Personalized” fully covers the establishment of “After-school service optional supermarket” and one-stop after-school service platform, and the launch of five categories of service projects such as specialty training. The after-school service school participation rate and the coverage rate of students with needs have reached 100%.3. Professional “Excellent supply” To give full play to the advantages of school resources, more than 7,000 teachers participate in after-school services, improve the evaluation and incentive mechanism of after-school service education, and make after-school service education brand excellent.To integrate high quality resources, expand the class service supply channels, give full play to the youth palace, library, sports schools, quality education base and other places, introduced more than 60 high quality external institutions, more than 1000 outside experts, scholars and coaches and other professionals, let service “affordable” after class, let the students “good learning”, parents’ “heart”.Yuelu District, with the largest population in the province and a large rural area, vigorously promotes the balanced development of education, speeds up the gap between urban and rural education and realizes education equity.Three aspects are highlighted: 1. “New infrastructure” to create a digital environment and carry out school district-oriented governance and urban and rural school community construction, fully stimulate the vitality of school running and improve the overall level of school running.The PPP model has been used to promote smart education, and 28 artificial intelligence base schools and 110 smart classrooms have been built to promote the deep integration of information technology with the “five education programs” to meet the needs of diversified digital education.The network school alliance is established, with primary schools in the township center as the main school, connecting the village to realize resource sharing.Focusing on typical class examples and implementing online and offline mixed research, it was awarded as the excellent region of the National Network learning Space Application Popularization activity and selected as the national Intelligent Research platform application pilot area.3. Heavy talent “equalization development as a whole in the teacher resources, select 214 teachers on secondment, communication, year after year to increase the number of directional hiring rural school teachers, for teachers in the process of implementation of” ShuangJian “of the new problems and new challenges, organize business training, let the students efficiency” really take root in the teaching activities.In the next stage, Yuelu District will focus on the goal of “effective reduction within one year and remarkable results within three years”, carry out the spirit of this conference, promote the “double reduction” work to go deep and solid, and contribute to the high-quality development of Education in Changsha.[Editor: Wang Dehe][Source: New Hunan client]