The situation has changed!More than 20 Russian warships armed with weapons to fight NATO at sea?

2022-05-03 0 By

Recently, NATO countries led by the United States have conducted large-scale military exercises in the Mediterranean Sea. Its purpose is to constantly put military pressure on Russia to make Russia afraid, and may even initiate a challenge to Russia.Again, NATO’s boss, the United States, is taking the lead, and its main strike force is the American aircraft-carrier strike group, which has been in the Mediterranean since December.The United States also announced that it would continue NATO naval exercises until February 4, and even now it is planning to organize 28 countries to carry out provocations against Russia in March. It can be seen that the United States wants to provoke NATO and Russia’s intention of war has been clearly revealed.Nowadays, the conflict between NATO and Russia has been escalating, and the two sides have begun to change from verbal warnings to military provocations. Both NATO and Russia have begun to build up their armies on the border, and even both sides continue to increase their military forces at sea. It seems that the war has really reached the point of imminent outbreak.According to media reports, in order to deal with NATO’s continuous military provocation, Russia has dispatched more than 20 warships, most of which are equipped with advanced weapons and ammunition, is able to carry out precision strikes on NATO’s key military forces at any time.At present this more than twenty Russian warships were sailing to the Baltic sea, there are people familiar with the matter said, probably a lot of Russian warships after reach the designated position, to the direction of the NATO formed joint fleet in the Mediterranean to move forward, Russia will show the most powerful in the presence of NATO naval power.Russia is no longer able to endure by NATO nations continue giving military harassment, want to use powerful navy power directly the headstrong, constant confrontation will only make each other, after all, Russia consumes huge energy and supplies, after all, Russia is facing the full power of the whole NATO Allies, and its consumption of each Russia will only lose more and more, perhaps in the “battle” Russia’s view,It would have been better to do it for real.Some analysts believe that once such a large number of Russian warships appear in front of THE NATO fleet, and both ships are armed, coupled with the deteriorating situation between Russia and NATO, it is very likely that Russia and NATO will have a quarrel at sea, or even a large-scale naval battle.NATO and Russia of the war will be the United States to play up, estimates that the United States to see such a scene is already out, wants many of NATO countries and Russia still keep the calm, don’t let the noise of war really open, because the history tells us that war has never been a winner, finally it would only be cheap behind all the just to get the interests of the United States.(independent)