“Wear books do not do cannon fodder” although wear books into female match, but be big guy covets eight years, be drowned spoil a lifetime

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Recently, many book fans have joked that they do not know what books are good to kill time during their break, so they unconsciously fall into the state of book shortage. As a long-time book fan, xiaobian has the same feeling.Today, xiaobian will solve the problems for you, continue to introduce good novels, let the life of the book fans become more colorful.Good-looking words remember to click collection, so not afraid of the book shortage again later!Today xiaobian to recommend: “wear books do not do cannon fodder” although wear books into women, but be big guy covets eight years, be drowned spoil life!The first: “wear a book not to do cannon fodder” author: leisurely wool group (” wear a book not to do cannon fodder “although wear a book to become a female match, be coached by big guy however 8 years old, be drowned to be fond of lifetime) enter pit guide: in those days, big ya just 8 years old, lost a part of memory, wake up from deep mountain old forest, frighten to lose sound scream.It so happened that widow Li was looking for food in the woods at that time.Her family was running out of food, and her three children were so hungry that they could hardly survive. She quickly slipped away from the crowd into the back hill.See big ya, li widow instinct reaction is catty mo li, a walk.But then she thought of her younger son, Hu Erniu, and hesitated again.Erniu was born with cerebral palsy caused by lack of oxygen, accompanied by mental retardation and poor hands and feet.She worried that one day she would be gone and her son would be left unattended. After all, no woman would want to marry a fool who couldn’t move easily.But big ya let her see the hope, so, under her heart guidance, big ya nodded and agreed, and to the identity of child bride was led back home.So, in the open, she was raised as a daughter, but in the back, she was treated as a child bride for consultation.When widow Li was a new daughter-in-law, she did not suffer less from her mother-in-law’s anger, but she did not dare to say, only to swallow their own stomach.But since she adopted Da Ya, it was different. She found a feeling of being a master.Thus, she doubled the grievance she had suffered in the past on da Ya.This is also why the big ya is wasting away at the speed seen by the naked eye.She was so young that she didn’t know anything about child brides. In her tiny head, all she could think about was eating and drinking.So, when a man told her he could take her home and feed her, she said yes without a second thought.How wonderful it was not to have to worry about going hungry!As for widow Li’s “child brides”, she had forgotten them long ago.I can’t eat it. What do you want?!At this time, Yu Shuxin was “child daughter-in-law” three words surprised meng circle, like a pot of dog blood suddenly dropped from the sky, because she dodged less than, was doused all over the head.Turning over all the memories in her mind, Yu shuxin still failed to find any clues. She carefully observed widow Li’s expression and found that she was confident and did not seem to be lying.Besides, widow Li was a poor widow, and it was not easy enough for her to take care of three children by herself. It was impossible to adopt another, unless she had some other plan.Thinking of this, Yu shuxin probably understood what was going on, but she could not accept it.The thought of giving birth to a stupid, unable to take care of herself, she really couldn’t do it.(Click below to read for free) Second book: “Back to ninety, she’s hot in the surgical world” by: Fat mom into the pit guide: By the sound of that, you know they don’t want her to leave a message.Xie Wanying naturally shook her head.”See, she doesn’t like it.”Hu Hao smiled, did not feel that she did not write to his any loss.Even if the daughter of a truck driver passes the exam, it is still a big problem that she has no family to support her.Poor kids have to be at the top of their game to be nationally recognized.Xie Wanying’s performance is not top or bottom, not top, family is just like that, so no one looks up to.Think about their past life, with classmates to exchange and write, no one is like begging Zhang Wei so take the initiative to beg her to write.This time after rebirth, Xie Wanying took the classmate record up, no one called her to write, she will not ask for boring people to write to her.”Which bank are you going to work for in the UK?”Hu Hao only chased After Zhang Wei and asked, “London is the global financial center.””You know pretty well.”Zhang Wei turned a ballpoint pen in her hand. “I don’t know. Wait for my mother to arrange it for me.”Hear Zhang Wei say so, Xie Wanying remembered the life of the former life of the same desk.Zhang Wei did not finish the undergraduate finance in China immediately went to the UK to study finance, but finally failed to enter the foreign bank work.Because Zhang Wei in the domestic bank when the executive’s father and mother can not take the price of the top rich daughter into foreign banks.Xie Wanying won’t tell the truth with the same desk at this time, because the family of others one mind worship foreign things who also can’t block.”Zhang Wei, what’s your birthday date?”Hu Hao asked, warm to Zhang Wei’s shoulder.Zhang Wei squinted at him: “Do you also want to study abroad?””My father once said to let me go abroad, but our family has no one abroad, unlike your mother.Or we can keep in touch.”Hu Hao suggested.Zhang Wei turned back, no interest in Hu Hao.Hu Hao she looked down, Hu Hao height is a short wax gourd, but wearing glasses Zhao Wenzong long more handsome point.Can be…Zhao Wenzong early silently see his book, his family circumstances can only say better than Xie Wanying, envy return envy, but won’t think oneself climb zhang Wei can go abroad to read.When Hu hao went to chat with other students, Zhang Wei told Xie Wanying, “If he asks you about my birthday, don’t tell him.”Xie Wanying nods, this kind of rotten thing she has no heart to participate in.Zhang Wei went to talk to someone else.See this two people not, zhao Wenzong secretly took out the classmate record to Xie Wanying: “you help me write a.”(click below free reading) the third: “wear to the age after the whole family is the best” author: old China chaochao into the pit guide: at that time she and home angry, he joined the team to the countryside, at that time the educated youth to the countryside is not much, she volunteered to sign up, even if the home know, also bad out.Besides, her father was a man who answered the call so resolutely that she could only be pleased to volunteer.So, her mother had to think of ways to give her subsidies, not only food and clothing, she also brought a lot of money.Xia Qiu Yue can think too beautiful, came to the countryside in the second month, can not stand.Despite her strength, she was spoiled and never suffered.Not to mention labor.At this time, early aim on her Gu Jianjun eyes a turn, came to the idea.Gu Jianjun is a mind active, not only to help her work, but also try to find game up the mountain to give her a tooth offering.One after another, the two saw eye to eye.Xia qiu yue people as its name, if the appearance of autumn moon, white and clean, but not very good reputation.It has a bad reputation for not lifting shoulders and not lifting hands.Her outfit.This is taboo in the countryside, even if you grow again good, can not work is useless.So, gu Lao too dead to agree to marry two people.Xia Qiuyue is young and full of energy, directly patted one hundred dollars in front of gu old lady say: your house all have no, three sons only dozen bachelor of share son, if I enter the door, this money to the home house.Mrs. Gu looked at the hundred dollars and her eyes went straight.She looked at iron heart gu Second and white face of the Summer autumn month, a gnash of teeth agreed.”Mom, is that why you paid for the house?”Gu Sheng supported his chin and asked Xia Qiu Yue.Xia Qiuyue nodded: “more than it, famine time, without me and your father, they would have starved to death.”They’re a bunch of losers who don’t remember.She and Gu Jianjun are five……I got married in January, 2007, and was pregnant with sheng sheng in the middle of may, 2008.For her own sake, but also for the sake of her parents, in those years, she and Gu Jianjun did not go to the mountains.”Your mother said right, so this home, in addition to your father’s milk, others do not have to manage.”Gu jianjun’s face was cold and smiling.Gu Sheng and Gu Jiu nodded.They’re not real kids. They don’t get it.”In fact, my parents have nothing to hide from you, is these years, Xiaojiu’s medicine money, part of your grandfather sent.Part of the…We got it up the mountain…”Gu took a breath and looked at her parents with a smile.Gu jiu lowered his head, his lips tight.(Click below to read for free) “wear books do not do cannon fodder” although wear books into women, but the big guy covets eight years, was a lifetime of drowning spoil!That’s all for today’s recommendation!Do you have any thoughts to say to xiaobian?Leave a comment in the comments section at the end of this article, and you can see it. Look forward to your comments