When Qianlong gets down to the south of the Yangtze River, he asks for water to drink and gives an upper couplet, the widow then gives a lower couplet, Qianlong is defeated and escapes

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Among the costume dramas we have seen, the emperor Qianlong is the most envied one. From “Talking about Qianlong” to “Qianlong Dynasty” and “Iron Teeth Ji Xiaolan” and so on, the image of emperor Qianlong has been deeply rooted in the hearts of many TV dramas.He was romantic, talented, affectionate and righteous. Women everywhere he went were fascinated by him.And he often indecent visit, play everywhere also let everyone very envy, ancient emperors can do he so free and easy true few.However, this is the qianlong we understand through the TV play, the history of the real Qianlong is how, his life is really as the play is full of legendary color?Words, once Qianlong emperor incognito private visit, because of the widow’s word scared to be defeated and flee.Why is that?And what kind of legendary story, today we will talk about the story of the Emperor Qianlong.Emperor Qianlong under the purpose of jiangnan Qianlong name Aisin Gioro.Hongli, his life like poetry and calligraphy, very interested in art, but also good at horseback shooting, can be said to be versatile.Because qianlong was clever and studious from an early age, he was deeply loved by the Then Emperor Kangxi.When Kangxi saw Qianlong at the first sight, he decided that he would be the best candidate to be emperor in the future. It was also thanks to Kangxi’s love for Qianlong that Qianlong’s father Yongzheng could become emperor smoothly.After Yongzheng’s death, Qianlong naturally became emperor.He ascended to the throne without any turbulence or risk.Thanks to the foundation laid by Kangxi and Yongzheng, and the wisdom and ability of Qianlong, the Qing dynasty reached its peak during his reign.During the Reign of Emperor Qianlong, Confucianism was respected and benevolent to the people.This made the society at that time safe and stable, people live and work in peace and contentment, but also greatly developed the country’s economy and culture, to achieve national unity.The Qing dynasty had a vast frontier and abundant resources, and the whole country was prosperous.The person qianlong admired most in his life was his grandfather emperor Kangxi, so he copied Kangxi everywhere.First, Like Kangxi, Qianlong liked Han culture and attached importance to Confucian culture.Kangxi was fond of calligraphy, and Qianlong kept the habit of practicing calligraphy every day since his childhood, and had his own characteristics in calligraphy.The most important point is that Kangxi made six rounds to the South, and Qianlong also made the same six trips to the South.However, the purpose of Qianlong’s expedition was different from that of Kangxi’s. Kangxi’s expedition was because the country had just been stabilized and the social economy had not yet recovered.He went to southern regions like Jiangnan in order to appease the people and let these rich areas develop first, so as to promote the national economic development.Another point was that because the Yellow River was flooded at that time, Kangxi went to inspect the river and control the Yellow River.During the Reign of Emperor Qianlong, the country was already well developed, so most of his trips to the south were to see the beautiful rivers and mountains of the motherland.In the early years, they may have investigated the situation of the people, investigated whether local officials were corrupt and perverted, and found talents from the people to use, but in their later years, they just played and enjoyed themselves.Qianlong was a widow’s words scared and fled qianlong in the south of the time in order to prevent being recognized, are dressed as ordinary businessmen, with only a few trusted ministers accompanying us, we often see in the TV series and Kun and Ji Xiaolan.The story goes that one day, the three of them were having a sightseeing trip. They felt thirsty when they saw a courtyard in front of them, so they wanted to go in and ask for some water.A young widow who opened the door, knowing that they wanted a drink of water, warmly let them in to rest.As soon as Qianlong stepped into the courtyard, he saw the lush grass in the courtyard.Qianlong could not help but be poetic, casually said, “The courtyard grass deep path is difficult to find.”Before Qianlong could say the next sentence, the widow immediately replied, “Longmen red carp into the peng door.”Qianlong a listen, water also don’t drink, with kun and Ji Xiaolan grabbed the door out.He didn’t stop until he was far from the yard.Why did Qianlong react so much when he heard the widow’s words?The original Qianlong heard the widow say “longmen” and “red carp”, mistakenly thought his identity was seen through.Qianlong was very cautious. He was afraid that someone would know his whereabouts and want to harm him, so he quickly fled.In fact, the widow was not as complicated as Qianlong thought, but rather intelligent.Although the Qianlong party dressed up as ordinary people, their natural wealth, especially qianlong’s royal prestige, could not be concealed.Therefore, the widow saw at a glance that they were not ordinary people, and said longmen and red carp only to express her worship and awe for them.However, Emperor Qianlong was too cautious and misunderstood her meaning.Because a pair of couplets took away a man it is worth mentioning that in addition to the above stories, Qianlong had a lot of interesting things about the couplets.Once, Qianlong and Ji Xiaolan dress up as a scholar, go out incognito private visit, distraction.When they came to a village, they saw a couplet pasted on the door of a house.When they saw the content, they were shocked. They saw the words “the door of heaven and earth” and “one of the best families”.Qianlong thought this is how a family, actually have so big tone.They saw that the house of this family was very ordinary, and did not look like a rich family. Could it be that some important official of the court was hiding here?They went up and knocked on the door to find out.The boy who answered the door said the master was his uncle and was not at home.The boy asked them what they wanted, and he could answer on behalf of his uncle.Qianlong hurriedly ask couplet is what meaning, what is his uncle to do after all?The boy replied that his uncle was a government officer in the county government, and every time the magistrate went out, his uncle would beat the gong in front of him, which was naturally earth-shaking.His second uncle is a grain store selling grain, when weighing grain will count, in order to avoid mistakes, so every day to count, this is one of the family.Qianlong could not help but be amused when he heard the young man’s words.But he still had a question: what does it mean to ask questions first and ask questions later?The boy explained that his third uncle was a pig butcher. After killing the pig first, he would blow from the pig and beat the pig with a stick in order to make it easier to peel the skin. This was the first blow and the second blow.Hear here, Qianlong just suddenly enlightenment.The boy also said that this pair of couplets is his own writing, Qianlong saw the boy so clever, very appreciate his talent, then speak their own identity, will be the boy back to the palace to be reused.Qianlong also had many deeds of visiting people in disguise, which was the reason why he was loved by the people.Emperor Qianlong followed Kangxi’s example all his life, and even his reign did not outlast kangxi’s.Kangxi reigned for sixty-one years, and Qianlong passed the throne to Jiaqing when he reigned for sixty years.Qianlong was also the oldest emperor in history. He was 89 years old, making him a very happy emperor.What do you think about that?