Can LED lights add light to plants

2022-05-04 0 By

You can.1, when the light is insufficient, to the healthy growth of plants, it is necessary for people to artificially add plants to fill the light lamp to fill the light, and choose the light lamp most close to natural light is the best, in each link of plant growth can be used, the growth of plants is also the most beneficial.2. LED lights, which contain blue-green light and red-orange light needed by plants, can fill the light for plants.Although regular lamps can provide light to plants, they are much less effective than sunlight, so it is best to leave plants in light.Special filling light lamp is designated according to the characteristics of plants, although the effect can not catch up with the sun, but it is much better than ordinary light.If you are lighting plants with regular lights, place cultured plants according to where the lights are.3. Supplementary light plays an indispensable role in the high quality and high yield of facility crops, but also becomes the main factor of increasing energy consumption and operating cost in facilities.Facility buildings partially block natural light sources, resulting in insufficient indoor light, resulting in reduced crop yields and quality.So more need to fill the light lamp.