Can’t look back

2022-05-04 0 By

Don’t want to let go of your hand, my dear you don’t let the tears flow, love you love to the end what is done cannot be undone, I also suffered much want to hold your hand if you can again I pray, unforgettable bone-deep tender has been buried in the chest, love has to end you why I left to right heart still trembling, why can’t grow is not able to look back again,Love has come to an end you left I right side of tears while enjoying, crave a certain time in an alley encounter have enough.Nothing last forever because you have let go of my hand, leave me a person say come away who can understand my feeling, vows of eternal love behind it all just naive pledge, keep your word has said too much maybe we just a visitor, left no longer look back because you say love to the end, after leaving the remaining memories together and that deep wounds,How can you say walk walk I stay alone, stand in that strange crossroad do not know left to right, how can you say walk walk I want to hold your hand again, there is no excuse to let you stay for me.Original last but is a misunderstanding, once the seas run dry and the rocks crumble is worth but also the last sentence on good terms, last and forever will eventually decay, want to take your hand has been can’t find the reason, we have young leng understand speaking to white-crested together what do you have the heart to leave me to go with him, from no words don’t talk about the last we come together and become separated, the destruction of the original time will give you the real answer,After you walk every night tears in the eyes, I never wanted to entwine you don’t feel embarrassed, then I stay up late addiction no one care, only blame me too sober to live so sad, you sit on the fisherman’s boat to the station you go ashore, I love how embarrassed you never look back.Standing in the rain wet my chest as if always gentle reminder restless desire is gone with the wind gently wind breaking wound, suddenly suddenly see slowly on the street in the rain, occasionally remind deskmate up.and sad at heart, those sad melody, please don’t move, those who hurry past all become the past, I heard there are many will linger in the ear Want to with my stubborn round the brow,Twist the blink of an eye that passes behind does not stay, I want to hold your hand to go to see spring, summer, autumn and winter again as if surging in that crowd, how much empty how much impulse wants to walk alone like this, wander the corner of crowd however drift after those wind and rain, do not want to turn head unwilling to lose.On the road of the future, I know you can’t look back, as we will always be together when I see you for me trembling, through once familiar crossroads maybe you won’t stay for me, leaving only accompany me although it met already a long time, but I just want to hold your hand want to share your endless tenderness, how I want to go with you at the end of the dream may stay in my heart forever.How many times in the dream you recall once a day together hand in hand, but the fate to split our love in the world of mortals, why fall in love, but in the separation of yesterday’s oath, nearby the ear cold night I weep alone you know I am thinking of you, how much we love each other the obsession with now can only put the love rest assured the bottom, hate the god to give us more think this life can with you,Miss tears overflow fundus love hate busy busy finally lost you, I hope you don’t forget me waiting for the afterlife we will depend on each other.Your sweet nothings in my ear you figure has been hidden in the boundless, cold autumn wind blow do not come loose my sadness as you leave me a most beautiful and desolate, my heart has been branded the appearance of my soul is you on the wrong bed, don’t light on light into my sleep love you and hate you half dream half awake through the night, I hate you dare to love you flatter cheated my heart is gone,Left me a person floating in the wind looking at lonely memories more and more long, I laugh I dare not love you hurt the heart is still obsessed with, waiting for you to go back to the place but can not find happiness return direction.See you figure left and scenery, finally the relationship into a helpless once, don’t blame you cruel some things already doomed, is like waiting for rain umbrella life fate, thought you leave can let everything return to zero, but some memory, always profound and intimate, I like you sentenced to life imprisonment, never escape not to take off the end of the dust settles,How many heart infatuation love heart become sad frustrated, finally I only left this broken heart silently pieced together the phantom of love, how many heart infatuation love heart become sad frustrated, finally you give me a broken heart, gently touch will dissipate without shadow.