Harden trade has nothing to do with Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving.Bensy went for size 10

2022-05-04 0 By

“Durant and Kyrie had nothing to do with the decision,” Nets general manager Sean Marx clarified via social media today. “They were not involved in the decision. Harden, myself and [owner] Joe Tsai had in-depth discussions and reached a mutually beneficial decision.”Of course, there was a lot of pre-trade gossip, and it doesn’t matter if the Sixers will be blamed for it.”In today’s team interview, he also volunteered to talk about the team’s new signing Ben Simmons.”Simmons has arrived in Brooklyn and has undergone a physical.Simmons is ecstatic about joining the Nets, and the team shares his feelings.The Nets and the entire Nets organization will do everything we can to support Him.”Simmons will wear no. 10 when he joins the team (no. 25 has been retired).”I can’t wait to play in the Nets,” Curry said as he drove to Miami, wearing the no. 30 jersey.Drummond expressed his excitement: “We’re going to win a championship in the Nets!”