Urgent reminder: these fertilizers are fake!See if there’s anything wrong with the fertilizer you bought

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The current agricultural market is more chaotic, not black enterprises in order to sell fertilizer, profiteer, will take this opportunity to try their best to harm the majority of farmers, many farmer friends have encountered the purchase and use of fake and inferior fertilizer, causing very significant losses.Here is to share with you some of the knowledge of buying fertilizer, learn these you will not be deceived.For farmers who have bought fertilizer friends, we might as well compare, see if there is a problem with the fertilizer they buy.All regular enterprises regular products, in the fertilizer packaging bag will be marked with specific detailed fertilizer name, trademark, specification level, net content, nutrient content, manufacturer address, telephone, production batch number and implementation standards, the lack of any can be regarded as fake.At the same time we should pay attention to, for various pretexts or identify fertilizer at random, or did not indicate the production license, or executed standard in writing is not this kind of fertilizer country standard (the following will introduce to you one by one national standards) of all kinds of fertilizer, fertilizer has a problem, but also can be directly judged to be fake fertilizer, you have to stop buying them.In addition, special remind everyone, for the recent market fire of all “triammonium phosphate”, “triammonium”, “triamine” fertilizer, all are fake, we must not buy.There is no one country in the world has the production registration standard of this kind of fertilizer, because triammonium fertilizer will decompose into diammonium at room temperature, which is not suitable for commercial fertilizer use, we must pay attention to.Here is a detailed introduction to everyone: how to distinguish nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, ammonium phosphate, compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, microbial microbial fertilizer and water soluble fertilizer true or false?What respect needs to notice when buying above all kinds of fertilizer?We often use urea, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, all belong to nitrogen fertilizer.Take the most common urea in the market as an example, the country has relatively strict specification requirements for urea, both relevant mandatory implementation standards, and related labeling requirements.When you buy can check whether the outer packaging bag meets the following points, as long as there is a does not meet the should be particularly careful: (1) urea implementation is the new national standard GB2440-2017 (must be marked on the packaging bag), as long as the implementation of the standard on the packaging bag is not GB2440-2017, all is fake.② The nitrogen content (N) of urea should not be less than 46% (less than this number is fake), and any other added ingredients are not counted in the total nutrient content.③ The outer packaging is written with “organic urea”, “peptide urea”, “sulfur urea”, “new urea”, “zinc urea”, “rare earth urea” and other names, may be fake urea, must be careful when buying, it is recommended not to buy.In addition, ammonium sulfate as a nitrogen fertilizer, if the package is not written in the ammonium sulfate, but the name of the ammonium sulfate zinc and rare earth ammonium sulfate zinc, sulfur nitrogen fertilizer “, “sulfur nitrogen fertilizer”, “polypeptide urea ammonium nitrogen fertilizer with names like”, is false advertising, mislead or buy fake and inferior products, and to remind the broad masses of farmers friend must be careful, don’t buy as much as possible.Two, phosphate fertilizer we often the most phosphate than superphosphate.The national executive standard for superphosphate is GB20413-2006. What is written on the outer packaging belt is not the national standard or the production license number is not written. It is a fake, so do not buy it.In addition, for sale on the market of phosphate fertilizer, whatever name as “peptides p”, “zinc phosphate acid calcium”, “phosphorus humic acid calcium”, “organic active phosphorus”, free acid calcium “etc, basically is not necessarily true of agricultural phosphorus, or counterfeit production, or is suspected of misleading consumption, you also don’t buy.Three, potassium fertilizer commonly used potassium fertilizer is mainly potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate, potassium sulfate magnesium fertilizer, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, etc., we must pay attention to whether the implementation of national standards and whether marked with production license number, otherwise there are problems in fertilizer.For example: all in the implementation of the standard Q/LJH002-2002 potassium sulfate, is the quality of substandard pseudo-potassium sulfate, because Q/LJH002-2002 is the enterprise standard, rather than gb20406-2006 national standard.In addition, to all marked with total nutrition, Israel, the United States, Germany, medium and trace elements, compound, improved, chelate, polypeptide, or I, II type of potash fertilizer, must not buy, there may be very serious quality problems, or exaggerated propaganda misleading consumption suspicion.At the same time, for fruit farmers and vegetable farmers to use more potassium dihydrogen phosphate, the country is no liquid potassium dihydrogen phosphate registration, so that all liquid potassium dihydrogen phosphate are fake.Four, diamonium phosphate diamonium phosphate national executive standard is GB10205-2009 (phosphorus content of qualified products shall not be less than 39.0%), all labeled is not the national standard or phosphorus content is less than 39% are fake, in addition, for labeled with “American technology”, “diamonium organic phosphate” and other fertilizer names,Or the implementation of the standard is written Q/CGYZ004-2006 (this is the enterprise standard), do not buy, otherwise easy to suffer losses and cheated.Five, the compound/mixed fertilizer compound/mixed fertilizer, can say is we use most kinds of fertilizer, whether compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer, or mixed fertilizer (BB) fertilizer, packaging must have a specific name, trademark, specifications and grades of fertilizer, net content, nutrient content, producers, address, telephone number and batch number, production license, fertilizer registration number and standards.For packing bag with all kinds of which countries which country on technology, which countries which country imports, what what international technology, and which which academy development, what efficient or full nutrition, as well as what disease is what insect resistant compound/mixed fertilizer, basically some problems such as exaggerated propaganda, fuzzy sales, have the suspicion of misdirect consumer, we should pay attention to when buying.At present, from the perspective of national standards, the national standard for compound fertilizer is GB15063-2009, the national standard for organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is GB18877-2009, and the national standard for mixed fertilizer is GB18877-2009. The standard for fertilizer packaging bag is not the above national standard.Or there is no fertilizer registration license number and production license number, or the license number, registration license number is incomplete, we must not buy.Six, organic fertilizer for arable land and crops, organic fertilizer is the best kind of fertilizer, also suggest that we as far as possible to increase the application of organic fertilizer.However, the organic fertilizer on the market is intermingled with good and bad. Many illegal enterprises use industrial waste and waste of rotten pharmaceutical residue to produce organic fertilizer.Everyone in the purchase of organic fertilizer, the same indispensable to see the packaging bag, to see the fertilizer name, trademark, specification level, net content, nutrient content, manufacturer address, telephone and batch number, fertilizer registration certificate number, the implementation of the standard is complete specification.Different with inorganic chemical fertilizer however, the standard of organic fertilizer implementation is not a national standard, but the fertilizer registration standard issued by each provincial agricultural administrative department.Seven, microbial fertilizer microbial fertilizer is also a very good fertilizer, can be divided into compound microbial fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer, agricultural microbial agent three categories, corresponding to the implementation of the national standards are biological organic fertilizer NY/T798-2004, NY884-2012, GB20287-2006.The organic fertilizer market is also chaotic, for no implementation of national standards, no fertilizer registration certificate number, or the total content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium standard for more than 40% of organic fertilizer, basic are fake and shoddy fertilizer, we must not buy.8. Water soluble fertilizers in the market can be divided into six categories: large element water soluble fertilizer, medium element water soluble fertilizer, trace element water soluble fertilizer, humic acid water soluble fertilizer, amino acid water soluble fertilizer and organic water soluble fertilizer.The national standards of the first five categories are NY1107-2010, NY2266-2012, NY1428-2010, NY1106-2010 and NY1429-2010, respectively. For the last kind of organic water-soluble fertilizer, the implementation is not the national standard, but the enterprise standard.Water soluble fertilizer fertilizer registration certificate format is generally agricultural fertilizer (year number)) in (or quasi) word XXXX number.When we buy water soluble fertilizer, the first thing to check is to see if the fertilizer has the registration certificate number issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, and check whether the registration certificate number conforms to the national standard.Source: hot agricultural investment network comprehensive network finishing