Why is it so hard for individual investors to make money in the stock market

2022-05-04 0 By

We know the direction of the stock market, most people are loss ending, but the causes of this are caused by the root cause of the stock market, it is the stock market has always been some 28 rules, the so-called laws of time and is 80% of the loss, only 20% of the people’s profit, the profit people earn money is other people’s money.It’s hard to make money in the stock market because it doesn’t create value!From rising stock market mechanism, the stock market can’t create wealth and stock market rally is relying on the main body of continuously lift shares, so as to realize his rise, to take positions in the main body, is scared of retail from form to smash plate, but when the stock price rose to a certain position, but more than the old retail like chase high, especially like to harden the stock,Harden, of course, there are many good stock, but there are many is to appeal to retail investors flange, main purpose, retail investors a bullish just follow suit, it is easier for a copycat bedding bag, for the operation of the main technique, the main most used against humanity operation technique, when most people think that rise, main would consider shipment at this moment,When most people sell this stock by cent, the main force will consider suction, so from the root cause of the stock market rise, causing retail investors to make money.As we all know, the threshold of the stock market is low, old many shareholders did not undergo professional training, do not understand K line, old do not understand turnover, these are very intuitive information, but will not be analyzed, shareholders instead is like hearsay, ask about the news, can be imagined, shareholders have the news, that is not what secret.Old much share people are office worker, do not have time to stare at dish, we know the opportunity of the stock market dish surface is transient, stock morning rise stop, turn green likely in the afternoon, bring about this profit did not make profit, missed sell an opportunity.Then there is the human nature of greed, fear, the stock rose a bit, just in a hurry to sell, want to landing bag for Ann, the results after sell the stock rally, lead to miss the profit opportunities, when down just with death, can always think up come back, the results lost a lot, just know stop-loss, moreover is the share price is a bit fluctuations will hold, old will worry about their stock losses,Thus miss the opportunity to make money, it can be said that the stock market magnifies people’s greed and selfishness to the extreme!So before we step into the stock market, we should first learn professional knowledge, and then simulate, and so on to the stable profit and then solid disk, after all, for most ordinary people, it is not easy to make money, so finally remind everyone that the stock market has a risk, the market needs to be cautious!