“You and I will clear the years” just signed a certificate of divorce, she will scissors into micro long’s abdomen: two clear

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There are thousands of good books that you can’t see!What is terrible is that there is no good recommendation officer. As a fan of novels for many years, XIAobian would like to point out a new way to find good books quickly.Like to remember to collect oh, let’s say goodbye to the book shortage.Just after signing the certificate of divorce, she stabbed the scissors into Wei Long’s abdomen: The two sides are clear.The first: “you and I will years liangqing” content main line: “you and I will years liangqing” just signed a book of divorce, she will scissors into the small long abdomen: liangqing.Wonderful clip: Zhou Shen smiled and went out with Liu Anan.From beginning to end Liu anan and Ji Ze did not make eye contact.At this time Yi Ran’s mobile phone rang, picked up the phone, “you are not just walk, give me a call why, what things left, oh, what benefit, well, I send you,” say that finish hanging up the phone.Nana asked who it was. Yiran said zhou Shen wanted Anan’s wechat and promised to give me a Chanel bag for my birthday. Haha.The old lady beside said: “this little ankan is like an an, this eyes from time to time left somebody else, the wechat to your cousin, in case really talk about a friend, I can tell him, can’t bully an.”Yiran replied: “OK, I will push wechat to my cousin and tell An an to pass it.In fact, cousin himself, Ann will give, around such a circle, let me by white got a bag.”Ji Ze lifted the teacup tightly, took a sip of tea and said, “I have a headache, so I went upstairs to have a rest. I didn’t wait for an answer and went upstairs straight.”Yu Xinna lifted her eyes to see ji Ze’s back, turned to Yi Ran and the old lady said, “That I also left, the company has some things to deal with, come back another day.”She opened her eyes in a daze and saw Lin Lin sitting beside her bed, wearing a white dress, staring at her, the eyes, for no reason to make people hair.”What — what are you going to do now?Shen slid out of bed and shivered toward the door, dropping racks and bottles clattering on the floor, blood droplets from the needle flying in all directions.She could not be left alone with her, a two-faced man who she thought she could not count.”Shen Xin, you should have died three years ago. Why did you take him away from me? I was childhood friend with him, and I was the woman who should be with him!”Take?He never agreed to be with her.She wanted to take it.”So you set me up?”Lin Lin mouth a hook, said: “only you completely disappear from this world, he will be completely belong to me.”(Click below to read online for free) the third book: “Bo Qing President, sign the two clear!”Wonderful snippet: “Pei Yi Chuan, you honest account, you and that woman is not what to hide, or she is your love/person?”That small episode on the plane is pei Yichuan easy end, chu If at the beginning of this rich imagination of the screenwriter is very unwilling, under the plane that woman was taken away by a few black person bodyguard, before leaving not stare Pei Yichuan, but stare her this innocent woman.Pei Yichuan, the culprit, did not even have an explanation.That woman, she decided, must have something to do with him.She had to find proof and then…”I’ve been all over the world looking for you these days. I don’t have time for anything else, Mrs. Bae. If you’re so jealous, I’ll think you’re nervous of me.”Pei Yi Chuan leisurely from trouser pocket to take out a mobile phone, dial the phone before lazy throw out a.Mrs Pei?Chu ruochu by this address excited all over a tremble, immediately fried hair: “Pei Yi Chuan, forbid so call me, that marriage certificate is not I get, not count.”Just after signing the certificate of divorce, she stabbed the scissors into Wei Long’s abdomen: The two are clean.Today we first recommend here, xiaobian continue to try to give you tao books, what do you want to say to xiaobian?At the end of the article below the comment area, xiaobian will be very serious to see oh, there is a good novel can also tell xiaobian oh, looking forward to your message and attention.